US-study: Why ready-made meals do not tired of it, but thick

Flour, water, some yeast and a few breezes of salt. That’s all it takes to make a pizza dough. Fresh tomatoes, pepper, cheese to taste. Finished the “Home made”Pizza. Admittedly, Until the vegetarian in-house creation is on the table, do a couple of handles to. The Motto: work First, then Enjoy it. Probably more and more German to the Pizza from the freezer shelf, therefore. Plastic foil from tearing, in the oven, done! Which of the two above-mentioned options, the healthier is is commonly out of the question.

American scientists wanted to look at the impact of popular ready meals to the weight and the body fat percentage in one Experiment, but again very carefully. What they found, and published, the researchers in the journal “Cell Metabolism”. Accordingly, the processed foods induce strong, among other things, to eat more.

The Experiment

For their experiment, the scientists chose 20 healthy Volunteers, who lived about a month in a research institution. Ten of them lived in the first two weeks of highly processed products. So you ate to Breakfast, about a Cup of honey nut cereal and a blueberry muffin baked to perfection. In the second group a yogurt with fruit and nuts, for example, on the Breakfast table. The participants in both groups were allowed to eat of the respective offer as much as they wanted. Each of the three meals were on the dining plan. After two weeks, the groups were swapped.

The Result …

… surprised not first. The subjects who ate first, of finished products increased, on average, a kilogram of body weight. Similar to a lot of you fell in the two weeks with fresh food again. A similar tendency is found in the US-researchers at the body fat percentage.


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The Analysis

However, why products have done such a negative effect on the weight? The research Team, led by Director Kevin Hall States in his publication of various assumptions. The subjects ate in the Experiment, the finished products faster. That’s not may lead to the gastrointestinal tract have plenty of time to signal the brain that it is satiated, believes Hall. Or in other words: those Affected tend to overindulge themselves. Marc Tittgemeyer from the Cologne Max-Planck-Institute for metabolism research believes that many consumers underestimate how many calories are actually contained in frozen Pizza and co. Ready-to-eat activate the reward system of the body, the face, then ask for more, so Tittgemeyer, who was not involved in the study.

In the two weeks, with finished products, the study participants took by the way about 500 kilo calories per day more than in the Fresh-weeks. This is due to the high sugar-containing sodas and juices may. In terms of taste, the subjects had no favorites. Both diets way came in the rating equal to good.

Long time not to judge consequences

Inferences on the total population with the results of the U.S. study, however, do not pull. The Experiment is not enough with 20 subjects. To follow the long-term the diet with highly processed foods, the study says nothing. And also the obvious is not likely – the self-created Pizza, and yogurt with fruit on the duration of are undoubtedly only delicious, but also healthier than your shrink-wrapped, deep-frozen or cooled counterparts.