Blood test for the early detection of breast cancer?

This year, for the first time, a blood test is to detect breast cancer on the market. The Test detects, on the basis of 15 different biomarkers, and early forms and shows how well a therapy is working.

Was developed the blood test at the University hospital in Heidelberg. He should make it possible to diagnose breast cancer and even small tumors to track, which are not detected by mammography. Only a few milliliters of blood are necessary, – stated in the press release of the University.

Overall, the sensitivity was 75 percent, meaning that three out of four women with breast cancer, the Tumor is detected. This is comparable with the sensitivity of the mammography, which is 78 percent, said project leader Professor Dr. Christof Sohn, Executive Medical Director of the Heidelberg University women’s hospital, to the Bild newspaper. "The new blood-based process is significantly less burdensome for women, because it is neither painful nor with exposure to radiation einhergeht", head of the project Professor Dr. Sarah Schott says. In addition, the analysis of biomarkers could help to check whether the patient is responsive to treatment or the tumor cells resistance to develop.

The market launch is planned for later this year, as the University informs. Existing Screening measures such as mammography, the Test in the foreseeable future will not replace but is expected to. For this purpose, the blood test should have reliability in studies with more participants prove and the Federal Joint Committee to decide on a Change of the Screening.

The introduction of the blood tests, there are also critical voices. So Jutta Hübner, Professor of Integrative Oncology at the University hospital of Jena, advises caution: “The message to this new Test, I think, is highly problematic, because they are insecure women. So an offer for a blood test, of course, attractive. But we have now found tedious a consensus, such as the early breast cancer detection in Germany and is now heavily in question,” says Hübner compared to the MDR-magazine “main thing Healthy”. Hübner is also skeptical because it in professional circles, as yet, no published research results. The Oncologist approved information from the German cancer research center, according to which, as yet, no peer-reviewed study in a trade magazine.


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