Potato pad in cough – so versatile grandma’s home remedy

The Tradition: The potato is one of the most important foods in the world. According to diverse, the people are medical applications: in the case of the Incas against rheumatism and digestive disorders, in the USA, against skin complaints, from acne to warts. The potato is internally or externally used, raw or cooked. Even the potato cooking water is traditionally used for healing purposes.

The science says:

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Topics in this issue:

Potatoes contain per 100 grams of nearly 80 grams of water, in addition, about 15 percent starch, Vitamin C (antioxidant) and potassium. The support leads due to the high water content, the body long-lasting heat. It has a decongestant, analgesic, muscle relaxing and anti-inflammatory. But especially the warm potato pad is very handy – you can, depending on the Beschwerdeort precisely “anmodellieren”. Preferred application nasal areas sinus inflammation, sore throat, a cough, low back pain and cold feet. No application is displayed in the case of deterioration by heat, in the case of fresh injury, and hypertension (breast pad).

The Recipe:

Depending on the size of the area to be treated potatoes (organic, firm, without green Spots or shoots) and cook until soft, 10-15 minutes, allow to cool. For a chest wrap: 6-8 potatoes cook, Terry towel spread. A cotton cloth (e.g. a tea towel) and a kitchen crepe paper to it (the potato is better to dispose of). If possible, a few band-aid strips to prepare or safety pin. Potatoes on some kitchen paper and a second paper towel to put on it. Cotton cloth wrapping and to fold “package”, potatoes, mash to a 2-3 cm thick layer. Cotton cloth with plaster strips, or safety pins to fix. Terry cloth to take. Temperature on the inner side of the forearm test. With single-layer fabric side hang up. Caution: The heat strengthened during the edition! This means: First wait a little. Then with a woolen cloth loose, but air-tight fix. Supported, as long as comfortable. In the case of children and the elderly, in between, skin, possible redness control. A maximum of 1x per day. Not apply in the event of aggravation by heat, according to fresh injuries in the area of application, in the case of high blood pressure (breast pad), sensitivity to interference, and small children.

For the nose, sinuses, small pads are made with 1-2 potatoes. Inflexible cough pads are placed at the same time in front of the chest and on the back. In the case of “cold feet” boiled and slightly cooled potatoes cut into slices, in the size of the sole of the foot in a small towel, wrap it under the soles of the feet with wool socks fix.