Ökotest checks Arenal and Elmex – one of the brand twins lubricates

“In the morning, Arenal, in the evening Elmex” – the advertising slogan for the brand Gemini catchy. But he also has his permission? This question Ökotest “” in a Test of 400 toothpastes. (The star reported.) In the current Check Ökotest “” Arenal and twelve Elmex strains under the magnifying glass. Out of the two brands has long since developed a large range of products, including sensitive, and Whitening variants. The result of the current Checks surprised: One of the two products receiving the award “very good”. The other fails with “insufficient”.

The good news first: All of the twelve Elmex varieties and also Arenal contain enough fluoride to protect the teeth from decay. Of course, this is not. In 85 of the 400 tested toothpastes for adults no or little fluoride is, according to ECOTEST.

Tail Light Arenal

Compared with its trademark twin Elmex is the classic “Arenal gum protection with zinc lubricates”: “Ökotest” and rated it inadequate, and calls for several reasons. The classic containing PEG or PEG derivatives and sodium lauryl sulfate. “PEG can make the mucous membranes more permeable to foreign substances. The foaming agent sodium lauryl sulfate can irritate the mucous membranes,” writes “Ökotest”. Also the use of synthetic polymers, the testers are critical. Polymers are used for the production of plastic.

Arenal contains zinc, which is effective against bacteria and mouth odor prevention. According to experts, zinc-containing dental creams are suitable only for adults – in children and adolescents, the risk of an Overdose. “Ökotest” have criticized the note “only for adults” is missing on the packaging. In sum, the poor test result.

Elmex is a rating of “very good”

The classic “Elmex caries protection” cuts “very good”. Also, three additional Elmex varieties are recommended according to the “Ökotest” in full, including the Junior version. Five Elmex varieties end up in the midfield, for example, the Sensitive variant.

In three other creams from the range of products the testers have some criticism and more to: “Elmex Sensitive Professional Repair & Prevent” stuck PEG. In addition, the pain was not guaranteed-relieving effect of Arginine is one hundred percent scientifically, to argue the Tester.

Sparkling white teeth thanks to dental cream? This advertising promise, the Tester is also critical. Manufacturer CP Gaba presented according to the “Ökotest” on demand studies, the Fill effect of the varieties of “Elmex Sensitive Professional Plus Sanftes Weiß” and “Elmex intensive cleaning Weiß&smooth special toothpaste” can attest to. Together with other defects, the test verdict “Flawed results”.

All Arenal and Elmex-test results can be viewed here. To the test results of all 400 toothpastes it here.