Sexual desire: testosterone for women?

The gift of the sex hormone testosterone improves sexual well-being in women after the menopause. This shows a large meta-analysis in the journal "The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology" appeared.

The largest study on the topic of testosterone for women beyond the menopause comes to a clear result: The gift of sex hormone, improve sexual desire, function and pleasure in women after Menopause significantly. The often called the male hormone that is described in the testosterone also plays &ndash for female sexuality a crucial role; and its concentration decreases, as in the case of men, in the age. The Problem is that The available products were only designed for men and tested. Therefore, the researchers evaluated Professor Dr. Susan Davis of Monash University in Australia are now 46 reports from 36 studies with a total of 8.480 participants, 95 percent of postmenopausal.

It showed that almost every third woman section found in the middle of life less desire. By means of a testosterone treatment the frequency of satisfying increased sexual events, the self-image improved and the welfare increased. As a lighter side effects include acne, hair loss, and in five studies a slight increase in weight occurred. A serious impact on the Glucose and Insulin levels in the blood, the blood pressure or the chest, there was none. For a clear risk assessment of breast cancer risk, the data was not sufficient. Here, there is a need for more studies, according to the authors. The risk for heart attacks or strokes was unchanged. If you have further unwanted side effects, it was on the application form: Oral preparations not had a negative impact on cholesterol levels, in the case of non-oral dosage forms, this was not the case.

"Our results show that it is time to develop testosterone therapies tailor-made for post-menopausal women to behandeln&quot instead of the highly concentrated formulations for men;, Davis, in a press release, the journal says. In no country testosterone supplements are however, yet specifically for women approved. Also, there is no international guidance for use in women. Given the benefits, the life for the sexual and personal well-being of women were found to be in dire need of new guidelines, and formulations necessary, challenge the authors of the study.