Also Pets can donate blood

The demand for small animal blood is growing in the veterinary practices. According to a survey of pet programs for dogs and cats are holders of the majority of the owners of blood donation, however, not known. Most would be willing to leave your pet donate blood.

The number of Pets who donate blood is unknown, but is expected to be very low, because researchers at the Royal Veterinary College in London have found out in a survey that 70 percent of the respondents, it was clear that Pets blood can donate. 75 percent did not know that there are pet blood banks.

Nevertheless, the willingness to donate was high, with 89 per cent indicated that they would be willing to have your pet donate blood. Male and female pet owners were equally positive, cat owners, however, rare as a dog owner. Also in the case of persons aged 71 years and those who worked full time, was the willingness of low. The reason for a donation is the desire to help others and to save lives was the most common. Concerns were mainly the owners of cats feared that they would get this fear.

Daniella Dos Santos, Vice-President of the British Veterinary Association, said the results of the study: "In this article interesting insights to the views of a blood donation from animals, and about factors that motivate owners to have their Pets donate. Not all cats and dogs are for a blood donation is suitable, and the risk of complications in cats are much higher than in dogs." She advises, therefore, to let each-giving animal in advance of a veterinarian to investigate.