Menstrual Cup is not suitable for every woman

Instead of Tampons, use and Bind more and more women are now menstrual cups. What to consider when applying to and what are the pros and cons, discussed the woman’s doctors at a Training conference in Dusseldorf.

Menstrual cups, Moon Cups or menstrual cups are soft and funnel-shaped and are inserted into the Vagina, the menstrual blood can be collected. After a certain time they are removed, emptied, rinsed and re-used. More and more women are interested in this hygiene method, is reported by Dr. Eva nine hoeffer, gynecologist from the University of Tübingen. This was to be paid to increasing sales to identify market shares, and also to increased Demands for application in their practice.

The advantage of the cups is that they are ecologically and economically sensible. You save costs and avoid waste. In the course of a life, women consume about 10,000 to 17,000 Tampons and pads. A Cup holds on average, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, about 10 to 15 years, the acquisition costs are 10 to 30 Euro.

The cups, however, are not suitable for all women. Since they can be folded very tight, like a nine-hoeffer reported, they are not recommended for slim, young women are more likely to. Since the application according to the packet information, the hymen can be damaged, do not use necessarily for virgin girls. See also women, the prevention of with spirals, since these can move by the use of the cups. This note has taken the woman’s doctor, in the meantime, in your consultation with.

Before first use and after each cycle, the cups must be sterilized by boiling. Depending on the product, the cups can be worn eight to twelve hours and a volume of 15 to 50 ml. The selection of the size depends on the flow and on the physique of the woman.


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