Cannabis alters the genetic profile of sperm?

Men in the child-bearing age are at best cautious with Cannabis: An American study found that users of the drug changes in the genetic makeup of your sperm. If these changes are to be sustained and to be transmitted to their children, however, is unclear.

New research by the Duke University in North Carolina suggest that the active substance in Cannabis, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), sperm changed. Studies of 24 men and also animal experiments with rats showed that the changes in the structure and Regulation of genes for two important metabolic processes affected in the cells for normal development. The more THC in the urine of the men present, the greater the genetic changes were. It is unclear as yet, whether and what are the effects of these changes from the time of conception for the children. "The fact that more and more young men have child-bearing age to have access to Cannabis, you should think of us geben", study leader Scott Kollins, a Professor of psychiatry and behavioral Sciences at Duke Health says. Previously, the national studies had shown that the risk of regular marijuana consumption is always estimated to be lower. Several hundred genes were affected by THC, many of them were with two processes: One of them is the fact that the body’s organs reach their full size, the other regulates growth during development. Before you know the Details, suggest the authors, as a precaution, the use of Cannabis to the possibility of six months prior to the conception of a child.