Incorrect diagnosis, unnecessary interventions

When Doctors make mistakes it can have for patients with painful consequences. So it went, for example, a 63-Year-old, the Tumor had to be removed on the Penis.

At the time of his release, he got a letter for his family doctor home with you. It said that the ureteral stent had to be removed, which had been used during the Operation. As the established urologist wanted to remove the Splint during an endoscopy, he could not find it.

The reason is that A colleague at the hospital had performed the surgery already. The Information was however not the case in the dismissal letter. The Patient had to have the painful procedure so unnecessarily for a second Time endure.

The described case is one of a total of 1858 the treatment of errors, the expert commissions and arbitration of the medical Profession have found in the past year. Almost every third person suspected of treatment failure was confirmed.

Especially problematic: knee – and hip joint-OPs

88 people died as a result of the wrong treatment, 127 of the patients suffered a severe, permanent damage. Most of the complaints concerned as in previous years, operations on the knees and hip joints, as well as interventions due to the fractures of the lower leg and ankle.

In comparison to the previous year, the number of the medical Profession identified the treatment error is decreased. At that time, approximately 2200 faulty treatments were documented. However, it has been decided in the past year, even fewer cases.

In addition, the figures from the Federal chamber of physicians reflect only a small part of the occurring errors in treatment, because these are not collected centrally. How many complaints there are, in fact, can therefore only be estimated. Experts believe that approximately 40,000 patients per year take action against alleged negotiation error. Patients conservationists have long been calling for a Central register for treatment error.

What is a treatment error?

A treatment error is when Doctors treat their patients carefully, according to the medical Standards. For example, if you make a wrong diagnosis or late to react. Doctors are also obliged to provide patients with comprehensive information about treatment risks. If this is not done, patients claim for damages and possibly Pain and suffering.

The likelihood that patients come to a treatment error-damage, was, however, extremely small, emphasize the Doctors. Particularly in view of the nearly 20 million treatments in hospitals per year and around a billion physician-patient contacts in practices.

The Chairman of the arbitration, Andreas Crusius, warned, to discredit the Doctors, which is a mistake, rashly as the cowboys. There is a variety of possible causes for errors. Bungling in the rarest of cases, the reason. A source of danger to the lack of time and personnel in hospitals and medical practices. “Doctors are working at the Limit, and sometimes a good piece of beyond”, writes Crusius. The health system was not geared to maximum patient safety, but to maximum efficiency.

To whom patients can turn to?

Who has the suspicion to be wrong have been treated, you should not hesitate too long. After three years, the claims become time-barred in the rule.

  • First, the Patient should talk with the treating doctor. He is not more there are senior Doctors or the hospital management, the next contact person. In many clinics, there is a Central Complaint, to which patients can turn to.
  • Doctors and Dentists offer their expert commissions and mediation bodies for medical liability disputes out of court dispute resolution and expert opinion. The method is for the patients free of charge.
  • Health insurance companies provide a out-of-court legal advice or a pick of your Medical service of an expert report. The procedure can be for the patient, a crucial help in a court of law. This way is for the patients free of charge.
  • Consumer organisations, self-help groups and patient Advisory centres also offer help with issues. The Independent patient counseling Germany operates under the free phone number 0800-0117722 a nationwide telephone advice.
  • Finally, the way to the lawyer to advise about the legal possibilities. The lawyer cost of the Patient. In the case of the lawyer in the chambers, there are the addresses of specialised lawyers.