The foreseeable accident

Before new year’s eve in Germany first accidents with fireworks. A 14-Year-olds in Hamburg was demolished in the Explosion of Firecrackers three fingers. In Bavaria, a man lost in Tinkering with firecrackers also three Finger.

Severe burns suffered by an 18-Year-old in Ottersberg in lower Saxony, which was followed with two friends to a YouTube guide on how to Böllerbau. 60 percent of his skin burned. A fellow was slightly wounded.

Every year the emergency rooms are to new year’s eve. Doctors treat not only the Amateur pyrotechnician after accidents, but also a lot of random victims. Missiles can be fired from the Hand, firecrackers thrown out of the window, imported explosive powerful pyrotechnics from abroad used, dud again ignited.

Often children are the victims

Very often children are the victims. Their share among the new year’s eve injuries with eye and ear damage have increased in recent years, said the chief doctor of the emergency Department of the Virchow-Klinikum of the Charité hospital in Berlin, Tobias Lindner. Thus, for example, hit-throws, which lead to explosions close to the face or the ear.

German eye clinics have reported around new year’s eve of the previous two years, respectively, far more than 800 eye injuries because of fireworks, such as the German ophthalmological society announced.

Some people do not survive the start to the new year, because they or others were in your environment, reckless – in Brandenburg alone, there were last new year’s eve with two fireworks-Dead.

“The serious injuries happen almost exclusively with illegal firecrackers, or handmade fireworks,” says Angela Kijewski, spokeswoman for the Accident hospital Berlin (UKB).

Bone fractures and burns

Often people come to Lindner’s experience with minor injuries such as burns in the emergency room. This can occur due to carelessness when Handling fireworks, when the reaction capacity is restricted by alcohol, and if appropriate also still cold less feeling in the fingers.

To deeper burns or bone fractures may occur, when the rockets face or body meet. Some of the bow in a risky way, about the fireworks, because they are surprised that he has not ignited.

The President of the German society for accident surgery, Joachim Windolf, warns that Some patients may be deceiving, despite several weeks of treatment damage. It’s going to be a permanent limitation of movement of the Hand and broken as well as whole or in Parts, blasted fingers. Also, facial scars can remind us of the misadventures.

The Pressure Wave

The pressure wave from a firecracker Explosion near the Hand does not have to inevitably leave bleeding wounds or burned skin. It could also be on the inside tissue is destroyed, warns Windolf. It swelling pointed.

To go as quickly as possible to the doctor is important, says the Director of the clinic for trauma and hand surgery on the University hospital Düsseldorf.

In addition, so-called pop trauma in ENT Physicians for work: “A certain ringing in the ears, numbness, and you don’t know if it goes away in an hour or two, which is often, or whether it is a more serious injury that needs to be addressed,” explains Lindner. Usually pain pointed to in the ear to an eardrum injury.