With aches and pains in the emergency room

Clinics complaining for years that patients with minor illnesses presenting to emergency departments clogged. For this Thesis, there is now a new document. A variety of patients using the emergency Department, in clinics, in order to avoid visiting a normal doctor’s offices, even if you keep your complaints to life-threatening. The an, as yet unpublished, representative survey by the Forsa Institute on behalf of the Commercial health insurance KKH, which is the MIRROR shows.

Accordingly, 38 percent of all respondents said that the emergency ambulances will also drive on weekdays, when normal GP surgeries are open. More than 40 percent of the surveyed visitors of emergency departments stated that they felt cared for in the clinic, medical better than in a practice. Many patients want to also avoid waiting times for specialist help.

A quarter of respondents clinic visitors referred almost to the fact that the examination in the emergency room without prior appointment. A further 13 per cent stated that they had short notice to get an appointment in a practice. For the survey, the Forsa surveyed at the beginning of 2019, a total of 1003 adults.

The statements are likely to fuel the simmering debate to Overload the Emergency outpatient departments in hospitals. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to relieve the burden on ambulances by law, and patients in the future.

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