Good asparagus to recognize: you need to look for when buying

Spring time is asparagus time – in any country, and that applies as much as in Germany. Accordingly, high demands are here made on the vegetables that nobody likes, for example, woody asparagus. But how do you know if you get good asparagus? FOCUS Online makes you an asparagus expert.

Asparagus with potatoes and Hollandaise Sauce or with brown Butter? Also in this year, the Fans of the precious vegetables they look forward to the beginning of the asparagus season. In General, it is the first local asparagus from mid-April, the Asparagus season lasts traditionally until 24. June – this day marked since the beginning of the 19th century. Century, the end of the asparagus harvest.

In some regions of Germany, the first asparagus was crisp, for example in Brandenburg or Schleswig-Holstein.

However, almost everybody knows the Problem: It looks delicious asparagus and bites then in a rather woody specimen. Or but the asparagus has little taste of its own.

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So you can recognize fresh asparagus

An indication of the quality of the asparagus with the seal. The precious vegetable is divided into different classes. Class 1 represents the highest quality. It says that the Ends of the rods are smooth and juicy and the heads closed.

An old Trick shows how fresh the rods are. For this, take two copies to Hand and RUB you. If you hear a squeaking noise, you can assume that it is fresh asparagus.

For a fresh exam, you will break a single stick of Asparagus in the middle. Juice should squirt out, is also fresh goods. Basically, anyone Who is in search of fresh asparagus, the best to choose products from the Region. Because of the shorter transport routes, the fresher the vegetables on the plate.

Also, the appearance of the asparagus gives information on the Freshness. On these things you should be aware of:

  • The asparagus should be pleasant smelling
  • The heads should be closed
  • The rods should be silky Shine
  • The asparagus should have no cracks
  • The rods should also be non-flexible