Dramatic entry regulations: China is the biggest concern of the returnees are

Even when the global air traffic has almost come to a Standstill – there are travellers, currently on the way to Beijing. Chinese exchange students, who feel now in your home country is safer than in the West, and German business people who want to get back to your workplace.

Flights to Beijing not to land in Beijing

The entry in the Chinese capital, but it is not as difficult as it is since the end of the cultural revolution. It starts with the flights to Beijing in Beijing. The machines will be redirected to the main cities of adjacent provinces. In Tianjin, Laughter or Shijiazhuang, the Entry will be questioned, then, scanned, examined. About ten hours of the procedure, including the Corona, take a quick test. Then you will be transported by Bus in a kind of airport Hotel where you have to spend the next 14 days in Isolation. Home quarantine is now also taboo.

From Lebanon to China

"A modern biblical Plage": So people experience abroad, the corona crisis

In Shanghai, the rules are a little laxer. If you are lucky, it is allowed to spend 14 days in quarantine at least at home. This, however, is not to be trifled with. Of recommendations, voluntarism and insight, keep in authoritarian China, not much: a stir in the Chinese network, a Video of a Chinese-born Australian made. The woman had broken her in-home quarantine and Jogging was gone. You got into a fight with one of your neighbors. The informed the police. The woman was expelled from the country.

China’s largest Corona concern is the re-importation,

The background is that China has succeeded – if you can trust the official Figures of the Chinese government curb the epidemic. On Thursday were for the first time, reported no new infections from the Hubei province, the epicenter of the pandemic. Also, the number of total infections is now higher outside of China than in China itself. Now, however, the biggest concern of the authorities is the re-importation from abroad. On Thursday there was 34 infections, all came from foreigners or returnees.

The Situation is similar in Hong Kong. There it is managed by the city government through a quick procedure, contain the Virus. In the beginning of February, the border was closed country, and the Infected are identified and isolated. So you could limit the number of infections to 140. Since the beginning of the week, but the Numbers continue to grow, at the moment there are 208. The Background: After Hong Kong in the beginning of the week, announced, had, to strengthen the quarantine regulations, as of Thursday, it attracted numerous students from the UK and the USA back in the home.

Since Thursday, now have to go all the Entry in a 14-day quarantine. Most of the new infections occurred in the nightlife district of Lan Kwai Fong. Nevertheless, the public life goes on in the city. From a curfew to be.

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