Coronavirus: The Most frightening are the hamster purchases – Italian describes the situation in Turin

“Hello, my name is Valentina, I was asked if I can report on the Situation concerning the Coronavirus in Turin. Here in Turin there are three Infected, which is the lowest number compared with the other regions in Italy. As for me: I’m a little Worried about, but I have no excessive anxiety. I’m already worried about what is happening, but I’m not overly scared, just like my family. Here in Turin is less going on in the streets and there is less traffic. Less people buy in the shops. But most alarmingly, how the people make hamster purchases in supermarkets. The markets are completely empty. Perhaps this is a result of an excessive and uncontrolled panic. As a result, more of fear than the fear of the Virus itself. Of course we will keep us so well informed. We read Newspapers and inform us online. The thing is: You have to stop to Fake News fall, the Worries could cause, for which there is currently no reason to. With regard to the government: I believe and hope that she takes everything in your Power to curb, to prevent further infections and to protect the citizens. I have not changed my habits so far – anyway, I am someone who washes your hands often. The only precaution I took to protect myself: I try not to crowded places to stop. Generally speaking, all the events are here in Turin cancelled, where a larger crowd of people expected would have been. Also the schools were closed. I hope that the Situation will turn out well.”