#StayTheFuckHome: A Frankfurter brings thousands of people in the world to stay at home

The Frankfurt Florian Reifschneider has had enough of people who do not adhere to the precautionary measures in order to curb the dangerously rapid spread of the Coronavirus in the world. “Stay the fuck home!”, so “stay the fuck home!”, he asked on Twitter. Since then, the Hashtag is to the world. Thousands of people follow his advice. Even a so-called quarantine-Manifest has Mature developed cutter. In it, he calls for the main protection and precautions to be observed to travel less and to wash your hands regularly. To him it is not primarily a question that every self-protects, he explained in an interview with the star. Instead, it was important to him to protect the 20 percent of high-risk patients: those who are old, pre-existing medical conditions or a weakened immune system.

“We should all be thinking about whether or not the personal inconvenience caused by the measures we have proposed, are not really justification enough to threaten millions of people who have a higher risk to suffer from the disease,” he says.

Reifschneider not leave his house since the Start of the campaign at all


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With the current enforcement of the measures in Germany, Schneider is ripe is not satisfied. “Where elsewhere weeks ago major events were prohibited and the schools are closed, you have discussed the beginning of the week in Germany about whether one should let the people at the football stadium or not.”

With a view to the Situation in Italy would actually have to be in the last week, any clearly, what measures should be taken “to preserve us from the same Situation.” This can be done only if we would finally stay at home.

He haven’t left the house since the Start of his campaign at all. “Private, I live with my girlfriend, as far as possible, in Self-quarantine in our apartment in Frankfurt. Except for short Trips for shopping, there was for us the last three weeks, no reason to come into the Public.” The time he had spent a lot of cooking and thorough Cleaning. “Things to come which, under normal circumstances, before a loud, From-the-house-Go.”

In his company, rocket loop in Frankfurt, all of the employees stay for two weeks in the Home Office. The recommended Reifschneider any company. “The lack of social contact with colleagues we are trying with daily Video Calls at lunch time with the whole Team and common video-game rounds in the evening to compensate for.”

Reifschneider shows how easy it can be, the explosive spread of the Virus to contain. What is with all due caution but also he advises: “don’t panic, but be vigilant.”

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