These Are The Best Baby Book Sets You Can Buy at Costco

As a parent, one of the most special times you have with your baby, and as they grow into a toddler, is cuddling up with them for some quality reading time before bed. Not only are you building memories that will last a lifetime, but you’re also beginning to teach them one of life’s greatest skills, and what’s more heartwarming than that? When it comes to perusing the book aisles, whether virtually or IRL, you can totally feel in over your head between all the classics you read as a kid and the new books you’re eager to share with your baby, and that’s totally okay! Unsurprisingly, Costco is here to ease your way into building your baby’s book collection so you can get straight to reading time.

If you haven’t discovered it yet, let us introduce you Costco’s life-changing baby book collections that will get your baby’s library started on the right foot. From Disney-themed sets to classics and the greatest hits from the best baby book authors, filling up your little one’s bookcase is now no longer a chore (and shouldn’t be!). We’ve done some digging and scouted out the best baby book sets from Costco so you can be on your way to teaching them their A, B, C’s (perhaps in more than one language!) in the comfort of your home. And if you haven’t snagged that Costco membership, now’s a better time than ever. Get yours here.

Disney’s My First Library

This Disney-filled set includes 12, 24-page hardcover books that each explore a different fun and engaging learning lesson with the help of Mickey and friends. The Disney and Pixar characters will walk you and your little one through numbers, clothes, opposites, and more! 

The Rainbow Fish Little Library

Through these nine board books, everyone’s favorite sparkly fish shows your baby how good it feels to share with others and make friends along the way.

My Big Box of Spanish Words

It’s easier to teach kids a second language when they’re young, so set them up for success by introducing them to this Spanish word book set by renowned author Rebecca Emberley. The set includes eight bestselling board books that feature colorful illustrations along with each word in English and Spanish. They’ll be billingual before you know it!

The Indispensable Collection

Open your baby’s eyes and ears to the world’s best literature at a level they can comprehend. This set includes some of the best childhood classics such as Peter Pan, The Secret Garden, and Little Women. Take your baby along for a life-lesson filled adventure in each of these cherished stories.  

The HarperCollins Classic Library

Reveal the magic of books to your baby with this curated collection from the best HarperCollins authors. You’ll reminisce on favorites like Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny


8 Lift-the-Flap Board Book Boxed Set

Moo, Arf, and Quack away with this beautifullly illustrated interactive book set that teaches your little one eight animal sounds to get their vocabularly underway. 


Alphaprints Library

No book set is complete without the beloved author Roger Priddy. Each creative lesson is accompanied by adorable illustrations that help your baby use their full senses to understand the concepts. This set will surely be one you reach for again and again.

My First Science Library

If you have a baby genius on your hands or future scientist, this easy-to-follow set demonstrates scientific principles that you and your baby will love learning  together. Dive into Electro-Magnetism, Optical Physics, and more — you’ll even learn a thing or two!

Boynton’s Greatest Hits

When you need a good giggle, your first instict will be to grab one of these comical books by one of America’s most beloved artists, Sandra Boynton. With quirky rhyming verses and charming photos, you can count on these books to offer a healthy dose of laughs and learning. 

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