China reports more than 700 Coronavirus-Dead

After the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the first foreign death have been confirmed in China a victim. As the U.S. Embassy in Beijing announced on Saturday, came up with the Virus-infected 60-year-old U.S. citizen in the particularly hard-hit city of Wuhan on 6. February, died. What is the gender of the victim, left the message.

A Japanese died in the city of Wuhan, as of Japan announced the foreign Ministry. Accordingly, there was a man in his 60s, in the infection with the Virus was suspected. The Patient had suffered severe pneumonia.

The number of verified infections and deaths from the Virus rose to Saturday once again. The number of patients in whom the Virus was demonstrated, climbed within a day to 3399 on 34.546. The health Commission, said in Beijing.

The newly documented infections, increased compared to the previous day, after they had gone in the past two days easily. Also, the number of the dead rose once again significantly, by 86 722. Alone the province of Hubei, where the Virus was originally in the city of Wuhan had broken out, reported 81 new victims. Outside of mainland China, there are more than two dozen countries and over 270 other cases, of which 14 are in Germany.

Federal government wants to bring back more German

At the weekend, the Federal government would like to bring back more German, with some members from Wuhan. There are “individual persons”, which would be reported until after the return flight on the last Saturday or it’s not in time to the airport, managed, BelTA learned from the foreign office on Thursday evening. “We work hard to allow these people to leave the country.” A total of about 20 people to come to Germany. You might be able to fly out with a larger group of British. You should come, according to the “mirror” in a clinic in Berlin-Köpenick in quarantine.

Because of the new lung disease, the German army had taken back in early February, the Germans and the members of their family with a special machine from the heavily from Coronavirus-affected city of Wuhan back. Around 120 passengers of the flight since their return in a barracks in the German town of Germersheim in quarantine. In the case of two pass the Virus had been found to act. The Isolation is necessary because the disease can break out up to two weeks after infection.

Meanwhile, the number of positive for the Coronavirus tested persons on Board a quarantined cruise ship in Yokohama, Japan, has risen by 3 to 64. The Japanese health Ministry announced on Saturday. A Person was in a critical condition. In addition to the previously known cases, two Americans and one Chinese, had been tested positive and taken to hospitals. The quarantine of the “Diamond Princess” with about 3700 passport and Crew-members is to act according to Japanese authorities provisionally until 19. February.

The Chinese special administrative region of Hong Kong increased on the Saturday of your efforts to prevent a spread of the Virus. The authorities have imposed a mandatory quarantine for all travelers from the Chinese mainland. Therefore, Hong Kong people returning from China to stay for 14 days at home. Other visitors can do the time in Hotels. With Tracking bracelets should be checked, therefore, whether the quarantine is complied with. Anyone who violates the regulations, can be sentenced to a six-month prison sentence and a fine.

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