Banana peel: Why we wash our hands afterwards should

The Germans love bananas: Around a Million tonnes a year are eaten. In addition to Apples, bananas are one of the most popular varieties of fruit. Because the crooked fruits do not grow in this country, they are imported mainly from Central and South America, where they thrive on large Mono-plantations.

However, this type of cultivation causes problems: in Many places use chemicals to control pests and diseases to ward off. This is not only harmful to the environment and the plantation workers – the chemistry club is stuck in the connector on the bananas.

“In studies, residues of these plants are repeatedly demonstrated protective agent in the shell,” says nutrition expert Sabine Hülsmann in a communication from the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern. The all-clear for the flesh of the fruit itself: In the area under the shell would find only “a few or no pesticides”.

After harvest, bananas have to be treated again. They are sprayed with Anti-mold agents, called fungicides. The toxins will prevent the fruit rot on the wide Transport at an early stage, or molds begin.

Toxins on banana peel – to grab hold of a better Bio

Particularly fruit from conventional cultivation are affected accordingly. “In the case of conventional goods, it is advisable to wash after Peeling necessarily the hands. Children should be exclusively the peeled fruit in your Hand,” advises Sabine Hülsmann.

The consumer organization advises cultivation, to fair-trade bananas from organic. Don’t be less impacted, if at all, would the environment be spared and made an important contribution to better working conditions.

Bananas are frowned upon because of their high sugar content often. The fruits are very healthy, they provide valuable vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin B6 and potassium. Potassium is one of the most important electrolytes in the body and is responsible, inter alia, for the work of muscles and heart function.

A Healthy Diet

Bananas are not Low Carb – nevertheless, you should eat fruit

Bananas contain more fruit sugar than other fruits – which is why they have deleted a lot of figure-conscious from the dining plan. To say completely wrong, experts. Why the banana is not only healthy, but also the perfect food for athletes.