Triphala – applications and effects

Triphala – A Healthy, Healing Medicine

In the traditional Indian medicine, the three fruit known herbal mixture, Triphala is used for centuries for the preservation and promotion of health. Thus, the powder of the three kinds of fruit is, for example, as a good Rejuvenator and to also improve digestion, metabolism and immune functions. In this post you will find information on what are the ingredients of Triphala, a remedy and how you can apply the herb mixture on the best.

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Plug-in letter to three fruit

Scientific Name: Triphala
Main Active Ingredients: Tannins, Vitamin C, And Antioxidants.
Areas of application:

  • Gastro-Intestinal Complaints
  • Metabolism complaints
  • Immune weakness

Herbs portrait: The power of three Ayurvedic herbs

When Triphala is a medicinal plant in the true sense. Rather, it hides behind the name of a herb mixture consisting of the following fruits of the Amlabaums (Phyllanthus), and the Myrobalane (Terminalia):

  • Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica),
  • Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica)
  • and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula).

The fruit trio is unmistakable for the name of Triphala responsible. He comes from the Sanskrit and is derived from the words tri for “three” and phala for fruits. The German designation “three fruit” is explained therefore by itself.

In the Indian healing art Ayurveda, Triphala is one of the most well-known, and sometimes the oldest remedies. Since Ayurveda is mainly focused on the holistic preservation of the body health, is Triphala taken not only in the case of existing underlying disease, but also prophylactically by healthy individuals. According to the Ayurveda art of healing, the person is only healthy when the three forces (Doshas)

  • Vata (Air),
  • Kapha (earth and water)
  • as well as Pitta (fire and water)

permanently in line.

Consequently, each fruit ingredient of Triphala is one of the three Doshas, wherein the herbal mixture, in particular the

  • Regeneration,
  • Strengthening,
  • Cell rejuvenation,
  • Cell strengthening,
  • Immune strengthening,
  • Metabolism improvement
  • Colon cleansing,
  • Digestion
  • and drainage is used.

Ingredients and effect

The effect of the three fruits contained in Triphala is explained in the field of Ayurveda on the basis of the three already mentioned Doshas. From this special allocation to the Ayurvedic elements and the downstream results in the end effect of Triphala said, with some effect certainly on the basis of existing ingredients explain.

Amalaki stimulates the metabolism and protects the skin

Amalaki is also known as “Indian gooseberry” and symbolizes the so-called Pitta, the Dosha of fire. The Ayurvedic medicine back, especially metabolic disorders, and problems in the heat balance of the body to a imbalance of this Doshas.

Amalaki has a very high content of Vitamin C and antioxidants, what comes to the metabolism quite. Overall, the fruit is due to its ingredients as a rejuvenating agent, because they act

  • vascular and cell-protecting,
  • astringent (astringent),
  • metabolism,
  • body tonic
  • and bone strengthening.

In addition, the ingredients of Amalaki stomach acid, which improves the absorption of fundamental minerals in the digestive tract to bind. The skin also benefits from the cell-protective and astringent effect of the Amalaki. The fruit is

  • Stomach problems,
  • Lack of minerals,
  • Metabolic disorders,
  • Liver detoxification,
  • Skin care,
  • Strengthening the immune system against infectious, inflammatory and febrile diseases
  • and improve cell regeneration in any body tissue.

Bibhitaki to the strengthening of the respiratory tract, eyes, and heart

Bibhitaki is assigned in Ayurveda, the Dosha of earth and water, Kapha. Diseases of the respiratory tract, as well as a variety of eye and blood diseases, can be attributed to the Ayurvedic understanding of this Dosha. Bibhitaki is in this context, as

  • respiratory cleansing,
  • soothing,
  • immune-strengthening effect
  • and blood breastfeeding

described and primarily against diseases, such as

  • Asthma,
  • Bronchitis,
  • Inflammation of the lungs,
  • Neck, and inflammation of the pharynx,
  • Cough,
  • High blood pressure,
  • increased cholesterol levels
  • and eyes used inflammation.

In addition, Bibhitaki is considered a natural Laxative (laxative), which is why it is also the case of digestive complaints, as well as in the detoxification and detoxification is supposed to help.

Haritaki for digestive and brain

Even better on the digestive tract with Bibhitaki related haritaki acts fruit. It stands for the Dosha Vata symbolizes air and water. Unequal to affect according to Ayurvedic theory, enhances the gastro-intestinal tract, where some of Haritaki ascribe an effect that promotes the digestion, similar to breast milk in infants weights in the Vatta.

In fact, it is the fruit of one of the best natural Laxative because Haritaki acts

  • digestive,
  • laxative,
  • purifying
  • and bowel tonic.

Due to these characteristics the fruit is mainly

  • Gastro-Intestinal Complaints,
  • inflammatory bowel disease,
  • Irritable bowel syndrome,
  • Body cleansing and detoxification treatments

applied. However, Haritaki is said to have a restorative effect on the brain and heart, so that the application to promote brain and memory functions, as well as to the strengthening of the heart and vessels is common.

Trivia: many of the representations of Buddha holding a Haritaki fruit in his hands. This symbolizes that Haritaki of the top scholars of the Indian Scripture, the customer will be recommended.

Effective ingredients of Triphala-an Overview

  • Vitamin C
    metabolism has a stimulating effect, strengthens the immune system and the organs.
  • Antioxidants
    act as a purifying, astringent, vessel -, cell-protective, astringent, immune-strengthening, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.
  • Laxative
    aid digestion, laxative, detoxifying and purifying.

Application and dosage

Usually, the application of the three fruit is relatively easy. Before a cure or a longer detoxification with Triphala, it is advisable, however, to draw a Ayurvedic expert. Since the herbal blend has a strong laxative that could arise in the case of a prolonged Overdose of extreme nutrient loss. Otherwise, it is sufficient, however, to be guided by the following dosage directions for Triphala:

Tea made from Triphala powder

The herbal mixture, Triphala, is made by Grinding the three contained in the fruit. The resulting Triphala powder is ideal for the preparation of a curative Triphalatees for the treatment of digestive or respiratory complaints.
Preparation of Triphala powder as a tea: half A teaspoon of Triphala powder
is stirred in 150 to 200 milliliters of boiling water and then cooled.

Tip: It is recommended to drink this tea once in the morning on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed. The taste should be dominant of Triphala, can add a bit of honey and lemon.

Triphala in capsule or tablet form

Capsules and tablets of Triphala also contain the powder of the three fruit. In the case of the capsules, it is wrapped in a rule, vegetable Cellulose, whereas tablets of Triphala powder in a pressed Form.

To recommend both in case of stronger disorders of the respiratory tract or the digestive tract as well as in situations in which the preparation of Triphalatee is too time-consuming (for example on travel). Also people who don’t like the taste of Triphalatee, offer the products a good Alternative.

It is recommended that capsules and tablets of Triphala powder with enough warm water to take. A taking to meals is generally not recommended.

Triphala paste for skin problems

Relatively unknown, the application of Triphala is as a Paste for skin problems or for smaller wounds. The Paste can be relatively easily from the powder of the three kinds of fruit:

  • Take two teaspoons of Triphala powder,
  • mix it with a little water and
  • stir until a smooth Paste is formed.
  • The Paste is three times applied daily on the affected part of the skin.

The anti-inflammatory, cell-protective and immune-strengthening antioxidants in Triphala can be used the Paste to aid in wound healing, but also to calm irritated skin.

Side effects and contra-indications

There are no interactions between medication and Triphala are known. Only people who are taking blood thinning medication or psychotropic drugs such as antidepressants, should be looking for before taking the conversation with a doctor. An Overdose can cause because of the laxative effect of the loss of minerals and Dehydration.

During pregnancy and lactation should be entirely on the consumption of Triphala omitted. In the course of the pregnancy the Laxative could provoke in the three-fruit blend premature labor. During lactation, in turn, the ingredients of three of the fruit in the mother’s milk, and could cause the Baby may have unforeseen side effects such as bloating or diarrhea.

You should observe when taking Triphala, an allergic reaction, such as, for example:

  • Difficulty in breathing,
  • Swelling of the tongue or in the oral cavity,
  • Itching,
  • Redness of the skin
  • or rash on the skin

is to deduct the funds immediately, and possibly a conversation with the doctor is necessary.

Studies on the effect of Triphala

Much-vaunted miracle and rejuvenation agents are often a disappointment, when it comes to the actual application. Not so with Triphala. The herbal mixture has been studied very extensively, with sometimes fascinating results.

  • An Indian study demonstrated, for example, the skin protective function of the three fruit. Also that Triphala provides for accelerated wound healing could be demonstrated in another Indian study.
  • A Japanese study on the effect of Triphala on digestion and metabolism explains in detail how the mixture of herbs can affect a whole range of systemic functions in a positive manner. Even the anti-inflammatory and blood-cleaning confirmed effect of Triphala here.
  • Even the immune-boosting effect of Triphala it has been demonstrated through a further study. It seems, therefore, that the herbal mixture is one reason the most important means of Ayurvedic art of healing.
  • The ingredients of Triphala have a cancer-inhibiting effect, which is why the herbal mixture for some years the subject of cancer research.

Products Triphala

You can buy the Act of Triphala, particularly in specialist or Online. Should pay attention to this on a good organic quality, because the powder processed fruits should be ripened without any chemical pretreatment.


Triphala is a proven Ayurvedic remedies made of Indian medicine. It combines the healing and health-promoting effect of the three important fruits, Triphala is an immune tonic, digestive, metabolism, give stimulating and even protective skin function. What applies in India for centuries as an effective Rejuvenator, will gradually also in the case of us becoming more and more popular. For good reason, because the healing effect of the all-round talents of the Ayurvedic philosophy has long been proven medically. (ma)