I get up every day an hour earlier than necessary – that has changed for me

In the jungle camp, he is just the topic of conversation: Bastian Yotta and his “Miracle Morning”. Did not invent him, the self-proclaimed millionaire of course, but the U.S. best-selling author Hal Elrod. Our author has tried the Miracle Morning already.

Actually, I’m quite happy to have a brain. Right now it is me, but in the way. When You Get Up. So a brain is not programmed to the fact that the owner leaves his comfort zone in order to avoid nasty Surprises. My comfort zone consists of a Seven-zone pocket spring core for even greater relaxation, a revitalizing core cover made of polyurethane foam with waffle cut for comfortable Beds and 365 springs for enhanced pressure relief.

I take it so exactly, so clear is, how much sleep means. As my alarm clock so around six o’clock ring an hour earlier than usual, two voices in my head. Bad idea, says the one. Very bad, the other. Both yawning. I yawn and try not to listen to you. The reason why my alarm clock didn’t ring until seven o’clock, is a single sentence, I am recently encountered in the blurb of a book on him: arise, and take up your life in the Hand.

The book is called “the Miracle Morning. The hour that changes everything”, written by the American best-selling author Hal Elrod. I bought it and read it, and it reminds me of an infomercial from the US television. Nevertheless, he interests me, this Miracle Morning. And the better life, the promises Elrod. Because there are two issues that move me for a long time: Am I satisfied with my life? And this I Do every day is the Best? My answer is at least once no. Which, for me, two more questions: Why is this so? And especially: What can I do about it?

Morning person? Dear tomorrow.

In front of one and a half years left me for my wife. For about six months, I have no fixed Job. I’ve discovered Netflix for me, self-help groups, and fortune cookies. A: courage means to be afraid and still keep going. The biscuit I had been nibbling for a long time, the note tied to it since then, on my bathroom mirror. Further, the means for me to be open to things which I had drawn before, never considered. For Elrods Miracle Morning for example.

Hal Elrod, who arrived years ago due to some strokes of fate in a low point in his life, writes in his book that he discovered, by chance, the first hour of the day. Since then, he sets his alarm clock every day, 60 minutes earlier and power in this time, something just for yourself: play sports, read a book, meditate. Since then, Elrod have more energy, be more concentrated and focused, he felt happy, motivated, inspired. If the time is not so easy.

So far, I’m not a morning person, because I move things to tomorrow. As Prokrastinierer I can’t do it just get up earlier, I’ll stay with the first Try, even longer than usual in bed. It is difficult for me to get up. Especially if my daughter is next to me and falls asleep – get up, before a three-year-old is awake, which is really nasty.

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First up, then get started

After all, even Elrod it was initially not easy, but he has found a useful method. He compares the get Up with sports: “Many need to drag yourself to the gym or on the running track, but all love the feeling to have done it.” Just like that, my brain can’t outwit. As soon as I think about for more than five seconds about something, it takes on the Director and the decision is always, always, always in favor of my comfort zone. I need a radical method.

When my alarm clock rings, therefore, zero six hundred, I jump immediately out of bed, as my cold-foam mattress would be a Board with a nail. Not thinking, I move me into the living room race, one, one, two, three, four, and push afterwards, prop, eight, nine, ten, and then a couple of jumping jacks. After that, my cycle went so high that the resistance against the wax are broken.

Elrod recommends six habits for the Morning, which he referred to as the “Life S. A. V. E. R. S.”. Methods to a a mix of relaxation and activity experience. The “S” is for Silence, so silence is met with breathing exercises and Meditation. Followed by “A” – Affirmation: self-positive talk, encourage, confirm, and his goal is to put into words. “V” – visualization: images of his target in the head, or by using mood boards and drawings created by. “E” – Exercises: movement through Yoga, Pilates, Jogging or Sit-ups. “R” – Reading: something Inspiring to read. “S” Scribing: his plans, thoughts and ideas to write down.

To do every ten minutes something else is too exhausting, so I adjust Elrods program. It’s finally about to do something for myself. In the days of the week, where my daughter is not staying with me, there are three, I go to the gym and relax afterwards in the Sauna. Something I get in the evening, rarely on the series. Never, if I’m honest. Already after the first Training session I feel better and enjoy the tension and the Burn in the muscles. On the way to the Sport, I talk to myself positively, and repeat the fortune cookie saying has become my Mantra. A little silly to feel this, but me no one hears.

A good feeling is the beginning

The other days of the week, I normally start with relaxation and stretching exercises, not longer than 15 minutes. Then I sit at the Piano and knotted my fingers when trying to play chords. For some time now, I take lessons with my neighbor Georgi, is a professional musician and me homework: at Least 15 minutes per day should I practice most of the evenings I was lazy. But in the morning, I stop only when my daughter is awake. A great way to Start, I have the feeling to have something done for me before the real day begins. The motivated and accompanied me for the next few hours positive.

The downside is that I’m already in the first week, in the evening at 22 o’clock tired. Clearly, one hour is missing to me finally. It’s not like me to go to bed so early, but I’ll trade a non-productive hour in the evening by a productive in the Morning. A good Deal, so I’m moving the second week. The other Morning I sit down in the big wing chair in which I sat for the separation, but now and again, and reading in one of the novels that have long remained untouched on my night table: “Here I am” by Jonathan Safran Foer. A set of not going out of my head, because it describes my life at this Moment wonderfully: The search for happiness is the escape the satisfaction.

The other Morning I sit at my Desk and write down thoughts and ideas, good ideas I had not before: for a children’s book, for my professional development and for a Blog, I secure my Domain. It’s amazing, but I have more energy, am mentally moving and no longer feel like a beanbag.

It’s not about Either or

But there are setbacks, of course, there are the. The first, as I was with my friends at the Greek versacke. The second for no reason. Both times, I’m not earlier from the bed. Initially I’m disappointed as I handle it to me for a smoker to introduce, if he has managed two weeks without a cigarette, but then a Moment of weakness. But what a weak Moment? What impact is already back? Therefore, the previously Reached no less value. It’s not about either or, not Black or White. It is about doing yourself Good, as often as you can. It’s about how you’re going about things, you perceive.

Up early to rise makes

I am satisfied with my life? Yes. From this, I will make every day the Best? No, not everyone. But more often than before. I don’t have often the feeling to waste time. Me, the Miracle Morning has inspired actually, literally made more alert. The feels great. However, I would not claim that the hour has revolutionized in the Morning my life changed forever. Who knows what the future will bring? Sure, for me, only that I will also get to sleep in again. Also feels great. And on the other days I have to get up every Morning an hour earlier to make myself feel better. A half hour is good, a quarter of an hour or only five minutes, in which I look in the Bathrobe out the window, and the small projection enjoy.

The Text came from the magazine “Cord”.

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