Would You Drop Your BFF If She Stole The Name You'd Picked For Your Baby? This Woman Did

So reading this story will make you extra cool, no matter what, because Reddit. In case you didn’t know, there is a very popular subReddit called “Am I The Asshole.” In AITA, Redditors write in with sordid tales of slippery moral and ethical nuances — and ask a jury of their peers to call out the asshole in the situation. A recent AITA thread has parents up in arms, as a woman wrote that her BFF stole her unique name for her future child.

If you’re not frowning, rolling up your sleeves, and preparing for Fight Club, you’re probably not a parent. Baby names are serious, squad. Here’s the story, as it appeared on Reddit, written by the OP (original poster):

“To start things off, I’m not pregnant. Nor am I anywhere near close to being pregnant. However, my best friend is pregnant and I couldn’t be more happy for her. As best friends do, we started discussing baby names. She asked me if I had any baby names picked out for my future children and I told her my mother had suggested a name years ago for my future daughter that I absolutely fell in love with. It’s super unique and it’s a name that originates from the country she was born in.”

OP continued: “My mother is no longer alive, so this is something I really wanted to do in the future so my potential daughter could have a connection to her grandmother. A few days ago, I saw on facebook that my best friend posted a picture of those 3D sonograms and in the post she revealed the name that she had picked for her daughter. It was the name I told her that I had picked out for my future daughter.”

At this point, we were all pretty much ready to throw down on behalf of OP.

The story didn’t end there: “I am absolutely devastated she would do this to me. She knows what that name meant to me and she decided to use it anyway. She says it’s just a name and since she’s pregnant before me she gets to use whatever name she wants. I told her she’s being heartless and asked her how she can do this to someone she sees as a sister. She is not going to change her mind about this, so I want to end all communication with her since I can’t even imagine calling her daughter by the name I wanted for mine. Am I the asshole for doing this?”

Well, in case you’re on the fence about the relative AQ (Asshole Quotient) of the former BFF here, let us share this tidbit: The original poster added, “Just some more information: This isn’t an American/English name, it’s a Middle Eastern one. She isn’t Middle Eastern. [italics ours]

Ohai there, Cultural Appropriation! Yikes. This former BFF, in our opinion, is a real piece of work. We weren’t the only ones shocked by the friend’s appalling behavior. Redditors had plenty to say on this matter:

And we love this thinking:

Honestly, there’s no contest here. Good riddance, BFF. We’re 100 percent on the side of the OP, who is most definitely NTA.

Later OP made another edit to her post, adding, “Wow, I just finished work and I honestly didn’t think this post would blow up this much. Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment, regardless of your opinion on this post. My friend hasn’t reached out to me since the last time we spoke, but I’m honestly over it all and don’t want to continue our friendship. If there is an update to the situation, I’ll be sure to post about it. PS- I won’t be sharing the name on here or in a private message. I learned my lesson the last time.”

Lesson learned indeed. We hope you’ve also learned that parents have no patience for baby-name swipers. Swiper, no swiping. Baby names are sacred, people. And if you don’t know that, may the name you’ve stolen suddenly become #1 in the 2019 Social Security Administration baby name database, the new Jennifer or Jason or Brittany or Logan. Mwahahahahahaha.


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