Woman fundraises to get a stone of excess skin removed after losing 12st

Gastric bypass surgery divides up the stomach, giving it less room to hold food.

This helps patients to feel fuller for longer – and helps to ward-off cravings.

Getting the op, and taking up running, helped to kick-start Steff’s weight loss journey.

She has shed a staggering 12st – and she’s even run marathons since.

But even though the super-slimmer has dropped her weight, she’s still not happy with her body.

As Steff’s weight loss has been so dramatic, it’s left more than a stone of excess skin behind.

This has started impacting her health and making it difficult for her to exercise.

The dieter explained: “Under my stomach and the top of my legs get sore and wobble with every step.

“I get a rash on the skin on my arms.

“I can’t really run anymore exercise wise due to the pain of the bouncing skin.

“At night I wake up due to pain in my neck and shoulders which means I constantly have zero energy.

“I don’t like wearing short sleeves as my arms literally flap.

“You can also hear my legs clapping together as I walk which is embarrassing.”

To overcome these problems, Steff hopes to get surgery to remove the excess skin.

She needs to drum up £17,000 for the procedure – which is why she’s decided to set up a fundraiser.

The slimmer revealed: “Having the skin removed would be life changing.

“I’ve spent my entire life getting gradually bigger regardless of the effort I’ve put into exercise or dieting.

“I have never been slim, been able to wear a skirt or shorts without feeling horrific or getting dirty looks or comments made.

“Being able to not feel like the biggest person in the room, being able to look in the mirror and like what I see will change my life.”

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