How to lose weight fast: Experts share four tips for easy weight loss

Do you feel like you’ve tried every diet under the sun?

Not every weight loss tip will work for every person.

But losing weight doesn’t have to be a massive chore.

Losing weight is quite simple – you have to burn off more calories than you consume.

So if you are putting in the work at the gym, but don’t seem to be losing weight, keep reading.

Here David Lloyd Club experts have come together with some fast weight loss tips.


4. Allocate some “me” time

Setting yourself a weight loss goal is all well and good, but it can be overwhelming.

Marie Graham, Group Exercise Product Development Manager, recommends setting aside some me-time before embarking on your weight loss journey.

She said: “Allocate yourself some ‘me time’ in advance to achieve your weight loss goals.

“If it is planned in you are more likely to stick to it. Do not feel guilty about allowing yourself this time.”

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