Hearing loss: More than 40 percent of adults over 50 cannot hear properly, study shows

A poll of 2,000 adults found although nearly half of adults think having hearing loss would make them feel frustrated, just 30 percent would go to a specialist if they had any concerns. During a typical conversation, Brits need to ask someone to repeat something twice – because they don’t listen properly or can’t hear the speaker. But under-25s are twice as likely than over 55s to struggle to hear because of distractions like mobile phones.

The research was commissioned by high street hearing specialist Hidden Hearing to support the National Campaign for Better Hearing.

GP and health broadcaster Dr Hilary Jones said: “When we’re talking to others we can often tell when someone isn’t really listening.

“As friends and family, it’s vital for us to determine if this is because the listener is disinterested or unable to hear us.

“We know that hearing loss can be linked to loneliness and isolation so making sure people are able to engage with us is important to keep our brains sharp and feel connected.”

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