How to burn fat fast: Four weight loss tips to fit into a busy lifestyle

Want to lose weight but find yourself too busy?

It can be easy to let yourself get too busy to fit in exercise and diets.

Here are four ways to burn fat fast which you can fit into a busy lifestyle.

Nutritional Therapist Hannah Braye from Lepicol Lighter has shared three great tips with Daily Star Online.

2. Clear out your cupboards

Willpower can go out the window when you have lots of sweets and treats lying around the house.

Hannah recommends clearing out the cupboards (at least in the first instance) while you get your cravings under control.

She said: “In date, unopened packets can be donated to homeless charities and social projects.

“You could also consider taking items into the office for colleagues.

“Or, how about inviting friends and family round to the house to eat up all the treats, and send them all home with goody bags?”

3. Always prepare before eating out

Those who regularly try out diets know eating out is one of the biggest challenges.

Hannah recommends doing research online before heading out, and picking restaurants with lots of fresh cooked food and healthy options.

She said: “Pre-ordering or looking at the menu and choosing what you are going to have beforehand when your will power is stronger often means that healthier choices are made.

“Opting for proteins such as fish, seafood or meat with servings of side vegetables or salad is generally a good option and don’t be afraid to speak to the waiter or waitress about whether dishes can be adapted (for example by switching the chips for an extra portion of greens).”

4. Try a Kickboxing class

Personal Trainer and Co-Founder of FLYKICK, Ben Leonard-Kane recommends trying out a kickboxing class which can burn up to 1,000 calories in one session.

Even if you have a busy lifestyle, you could always try to fit in a pre-planned class.

FLYKICK is an all-around body workout for body and mind, with three minute rounds followed by one minute breaks.

Ben said: “With a super smiley team to welcome you at the door, attentive trainers to encourage you along, and banging tunes to keep you motivated, our non-contact HIIT boxing classes can be taken by anyone. If you’re looking for a work-out that will fit in with your schedule.”

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