Fullbody HIIT: full body workout in just 14 minutes

Workouts do not need to always be distressing in length to give the body maximum benefits abzuverlagen and to drive the pulse properly in the amount.

Best example of this is The current Workout Video for Whitney Simmons, which she shared on Instagram. In this successful Fitness designed Influencerin crisp 14 minutes maximum effectively.

To the delight of her 2.8 million Instagram Fans – the seven Exercises can be quickly and without the need for additional Equipment to run.

Full body-HIIT – there are no excuses

Especially on stressful days diesesHIIT-Workout is so perfect to keep the body fit and to ensure afloat for a little more movement.

Each Exercise is performed for 30 seconds with full Power, then the body can approve time of 30 seconds.

All the seven Exercises are completed, it goes into the second round. Excuses there is no there there!


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14 minutes of HIIT: these are the Exercises

Even if it is only 14 minutes, it will pump your heart is certainly good, and your muscles will respond with a fiery Burn. And so wird's made:

1. Lungs to Lift off – right and left

You start in the Workout like a Sprinter: In the squat, one foot in front positioned, and the other is almost an outstretched leg behind the body. The hands are placed next to the front foot.

From this deep lunge position yourself to the front and "sprintest" with two small Pitter-patter of footsteps go – the arms are moved with a swing to it.

With two small steps to the back of you head back to the starting position. This you repeat until 30 seconds are over. Then the other side is tuned; you star test, therefore, reversed.

2. Rotational Drop Squat

This Exercise brings your heart pumping, your Booty will look forward to.

Start in the upright position. You push gently from the ground, spin in a jump to the side and open your feet to land in a much wider Stand – directly after landing, you perform a Sumo Squat.

Push you out of this again from the ground and the back spin in a jump. You’ll land in the starting position and follow this directly to the next jump, in which you then again in the Sumo Squat land.

3. Switch Feet with a Twist

Grab this Exercise is a little weight. You don’t have dumbbells on Hand can help you in a full water bottle.

The execution is very simple: Jump with offset feet back and forth. At the same time you move the weight in front of your chest to the right and to the left, where your torso rotates.

4. Up and over Lateral Jumps

This Exercise calls again with jumps, the Muscle fibers of your legs. The jumps can be laterally carried out, wherein you put your arms when you Bounce over your head.

Go to the advent down, and touch briefly on the page, to jump to you’re in the ground.

5. Prisoner Squat to Crossover

It is a fast Squat Variation follows again. Start with two quick consecutive Sumo Squats.

Trust you High off the ground and jump to the top. Verkreuze your feet, jump Squat and land back in the Sumo Position.

The repeat run, this Time, the feet should stand around the Cross, however, is different.

Tip: So you don’t get during the jumps with your arms swing, you can interlace your fingers behind your head.

6. Hut Hut Hike

The final sprint! Perform two small steps to the right. Lift your left leg in direction of your body, your arms move with it.

Perform these movements in the other direction. With a bit of speed, you’re doing your pulse as guaranteed in the height.

This HIIT Workout is worth it

14 minutes of exercise sound like a children’s game? Nevertheless, it has this crisp Workout in itself.

With full Power, not you’re training your endurance, certain muscle groups will be challenged by intense stimuli.

Especially the legs are involved in the Exercises fully –ideal for Improving speed strength.

Important: Even if the movements are of course carried out quickly, is a clean execution is important. To warm you up and to minimize the risk of injury, you can stretch yourself before beginning, or a few Jumping Jacks to make.

Cornelia Bertram

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