Weight loss: 4 tips to of sugar-containing drinks get rid of

More and more people aware of the proportion of Zuckerin your diet or completely avoid the white crystal. But not only candy and many finished products contain the sweet extra, even soft drinks, unfortunately, are sugar bombs.

Therefore, it can be useful, sweetened Drinks to banish from the dining plan. These tips will help you with the sugar-withdrawal:

1. Realize how bad soft drinks are

Be aware, what are the consequences of the consumption of sugar-containing Getänken for your body can have.

Effervescent, soda, but also juices and Smoothies with added sugar contain a lot of calories – and therefore favour an increase in weight.

Soft drinks are in Australia and in the USA, one of the main causes of Obesity and Diabetes. But also in Germany, the consumption of sugar-containing soft drinks after years, shockingly high.

Industrial sugar affects the brain much like alcohol or nicotine, has been scientifically proven. Therefore, many experts refer to the greed for Sweet as Addiction. So far you should let it get to that.

2. Set your goals

The waiver of a sweetened Erfrioschungsgetränk as a “Dessert” or as a reward in the evening is not the most easy.

So you don’t fall back into old (and consumption)patterns, you need to keep your goals always in front of eyes. Why did you choose to say no to sugary drinks?

Whether for health or aesthetic reasons, your Motivation to draw – to internalize your goals makes it easier for you to enforce them.

3. Let Cola and co. after the way

A Radical diet often leads to Frustration and little promise of success. Similarly, as a sudden renunciation of certain foods, so it is with the Omission of drinks – eventually, you give in to your Request.

The reason you should reduce your consumption.

4. Find Alternatives

If you get Horny after a sweet drink, you should be prepared.

Search for you already in the run-up Alternatives, such as fruit (in moderation, because fruits also contain (fruit)sugar), tea or unsweetened granola bars. However, you ought to your cravings and quench with something to Eat.

Better is to replace Cola and co. by water. Light drinks are recommended only to a limited extent, as many of the sweeteners can be hot favour of hunger.

4. Prepare drinks

A homemade iced tea, for example, with squeeze of lemon and a little ginger, can be just as tasty as a sugary drink.

But also with water, padded, pureed fruits are a healthy Alternative to Cola and co.

Julia Are

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