Towel-Hygiene: These errors make towels for the bacteria case

Where do you find in the bathroom with the most germs? Who has now tipped to the toilet, shower or sink, is wrong.

Because towels are the true Wellness can be a haven for bacteria.

The majority of scrub your bathroom meticulously for the towel many, however, are much less carefully. You can avoid the five most common mistakes in the use of quite simple and so is the bathroom clean and hold, to swing, without even the cleaning cloth.

Those who share towels, also divides bacteria

Many consider the Sharing of towels with others for sure because, after all, to use them only when the hands are already washed. But how much you can trust the users to rinse your hands as meticulously as you?

Bacteria is a real Paradise — you can go easily from one Person to the other. A study by the University of Arizona 2014, took place in 90 per cent of all surveyed towels faecal bacteria.

Off the hook

Most of the towels end up after the use on the hook. It’s great for the germs, because the folded knautschte Terry makes it difficult to Dry and in the humid heat, the bacteria thrive on formal.

The faster you get the cloth so, after Drying, re-drying, the better. Heated towel rail or just the heating make it the small pests equal heavier.

Switch and often

Hand on heart: How long is the average towel hanging in the bathroom? The Problem is that it often looks clean, if bacteria multiply already awake. Therefore, experts advise to change towels every two, three days at the latest.

Should be in the household of a sick Person, so the cloth should move after each use in the Laundry. Who wants to be sure that everything is really clean, you should by the way always wash at 60 degrees. The consumer advises.

Face towel use

It has already been mentioned above: Who washes his hands, destroyed not all of the bacteria. The germs that survive the wash cycle, the towel wide. You should never use a towel to dry off the hands, also for the face.

Detergent only use sparingly

Despite increased environmental awareness, many are still following the principle “much helps much”, if you can dispense your detergent. In particular, in the case of towels, you can do so in the long term, a lot of damage, because of the Overdose, which leads to deposits, which is finally fixed.

The only scratches on the feel-good factor and makes the Terry unsightly, but also means that in the case of subsequent detergent aisles less Laundry is included — the Overdose causes in the long term, the opposite of what you wanted to achieve.

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