The epidemic of Ebola in the Congo is out of control

The organization Doctors without borders is sounding the Alarm: In the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the largest Ebola epidemic, which has existed in the country ever rages, and she is out of control.

Seven months ago, the disease broke out in the Republic of the Congo. Until now, there were more than 900 cases and 600 people have already died. The disease is out of control and since the beginning of 2019, 40 percent of the Infected died.

In the latest Ebola epidemic 600 people have died already, and the disease is not under control. (Image: Syda Productions/

The Main Problem Is Mistrust

According to Doctors without borders, the main problem is the distrust. The medical funds were given to fight Ebola, comprising, for example, by vaccination. But very many people do not distrust these strategies, in the treatment centers and to die, to die at home of disease, the relief organization.

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Problem Of Violence

Just last week, the Doctors had to adjust without borders in their work in the most affected areas of Katwa and Butambo in North Kivu, after they were attacked with violence. In February there were dozens of security incidents around the fight against Ebola.

What are the causes of the problems are?

In the Ebola Region of a lot of money to fight the disease. In the area of violence steeped is neglected, and there is a lack of basic health care services. The Locals trust in government programs generally.

Conspiracy delusion

Conspiracy theories are rife. The elections in the country were officially postponed due to the outbreak of the epidemic, and this strengthened the rumor that the fed were measures against Ebola to control the population. The police and the military to force people, on the measures &#8211 participate; and that scares the Locals.

What the Doctors are calling without limits?

The organization urges the first end to the violence. There is no compulsion should be exercised, in order to find patients and to disinfect houses. Then, Affected and their families would be in the treatment of the disease involved. Thirdly, there should be more vaccines available, so that more people could be vaccinated against Ebola.

Fears seriously

Ebola unravel fear and lead to Isolation of patients, their families and the health personnel. The management of the disease must focus on the patients and the communities involved.

How does Ebola?

Ebola is a Virus. It is high fluids contagious and through the body: semen, urine, feces, saliva or vomit. It is not transmitted through the air like other diseases and therefore not as fast as, for example, in their time, the Spanish flu.

To be lethal to spread rapidly

Others can only be infected when the symptoms show. Then the condition of those Affected deteriorates very quickly and half of the Infected die.

In the middle of the conflict zone

Ebola is generally good contain and the previous epidemics were the brakes. This Time it is different, because the epidemic is now in the midst of a combat zone. In the province of North Kivu embroiled in conflicts around land ownership and resources, which break out of their products. Alone around the town of Beni in the last five years, a thousand or more civilians victims of murder and manslaughter were, more than 250,000 were displaced. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)