Wall pharmacy: This belongs in the backpack

Whether in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, Franconian Switzerland or the black forest: Who is on foot on the way, has at best always a small backpack pharmacy. The most common ailments while Hiking? “In addition, blisters on the feet count,” says pharmacist Dr. Volker Schmitt.

First Aid

To painful blisters on the feet to prevent is medical tape from the pharmacy, colloquially Tape called. The rolling patches are typically used to fasten wound compresses on the skin. The feet are taped as a precaution, therefore, decreases the risk for painful blisters. In addition, it is advisable to always have blister plasters with you. Pharmacist Schmitt also recommends: "To be for falls and slips prepared, belong to the Association of layers of materials such as plasters, sterile wound dressings and gauze, as well as a wound disinfection agent in the backpack." A freeze spray and pain-relieving ointments assist with bruises, sprains and strained Ligaments good services. "For longer trips I would advise, in any case, a triangle cloth, an emergency blanket, and disposable-take gloves. In addition, a multi-function pocket knife with scissors and tweezers also belongs to the Grundausstattung", the pharmacist says.

Sun, insects and ticks

As with all Outdoor activities, a sufficient sun protection is also when Hiking is important. "The higher the route leads into the mountains, the more intense the UV radiation from the sun. Here, sun cream or gel with a high Lichtschutzfaktor&quot helps;, Schmitt explains. From insect bites or tick bites to protect yourself best with dense clothes. "I advise you to before each hike with insect repellents, so-called repellents, to RUB the stockings to pull on the pants." To be able to tick in the case of the case to remove, takes you to hike the tick pliers. Ticks are not only in the summer, but frequently in the late autumn. The milder the temperatures, the higher the probability to encounter a tick.

Do not drink to forget

Longer walks bring the body to sweat. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to a sufficient liquid supply to the body with the minerals and trace admit the elements back that he loses while sweating. "The Mineral balance during prolonged physical activity to balance, I advise to drinks that contain a lot of potassium, Calcium and Magnesium." Healthy thirst-quenching mineral water, juice spritzers, energy Drinks, and lightly sweetened iced tea.

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