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22 of the world’s 30 most polluted cities are in India. Thus, the emerging country has left the worst Smog producers in China behind, the air quality index for the year 2018. Most pure poverty behind it.

Seven Indian cities to lead the Top Ten in the negative list of Greenpeace and AirVisual. The highest values were measured in Gurgaon. In the satellite city of New Delhi is home to almost 800,000 people. The air quality index (AQI) was there in 2018, an annual average of 135,8 points. 100, the air is considered unhealthy. To 50 you is good, between 50 and 100 is acceptable.

Smog causes lung cancer and heart disease

A total of 3000 towns and cities have taken the researchers around the world under the magnifying glass. 64 percent of them were below a health hazard bell in haze. The people there are exposed to fine dust may cause lung cancer and heart disease.

Hotspots of pollution in India and Pakistan, followed by China. Sad the leader of China, the city of Hotan, in the South-West. With 116 points, second place eight. Huge problems in Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, cities in the Middle East, and Africa.

Poverty drives many people to heat with waste

In Europe Herzegovina thickness of the air, especially in Bosnia. The small town of Lukavac in North-East Europe, the city with the worst values. It is a year index of 55.6 to rank 98. In Lukavac, the residents of heating mainly with coal and those who can’t afford to burn his garbage. The lung cancer rate in the Region of Tuzla is far above the European average, yet there are no consequences.

Celebrity home at lake Tegernsee, with the best air

For Germany, there is positive news. All the cities had good or only moderately impaired air quality. The Brandenburg Spremberg near Cottbus is 16.8 points 841. Munich has given me a 13.4 at a moderate air pollution, and is 1209. Berlin is 11.7 points a little better.

The cleanest air in the 3000 places, Germany has far Rottach-Egern on the Tegernsee lake, with a 7.2 in the middle. Who wants another deep breathe, it’s best to Londonderry in New Hampshire. The US town comes to excellent of 5.3 meters.

The air in cities:

11. Delhi (India) with an AQI of 113.5

71. Mumbai (India) 58.6

93. Dubai (United Arab Emirates) at 55.3

100. Kathmandu (Nepal) with 54.4

122. Beijing (China) 50.9

161. Jakarta (Indonesia) at 45.4

704. Mexico City (Mexico) 19.7

929. Paris (France) with 15.6

1092. Brussels (Belgium) 14.1

1539. London (United Kingdom) with 12

1993. Moscow (Russia) with 10.1

2750. New York (USA) 7

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