UKE tests 6000 children and adolescents for a study on Corona

As the Coronavirus broke out, the scientists initially assumed, that it spreads similar to the flu. Consequently, children would belong to the vectors of the Main, the give the Virus quickly. In the course of the pandemic, there was this theory, more and more doubt. The University medical center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) want to test in a study of 6000 children and young people to clarify their controversial role in the Corona of a pandemic.

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Children could be the end of the chain of Infection

In the study, the clinic for paediatric and youth medicine of the UKE examined whether the children carry the Coronavirus, or the corresponding antibodies in. The results could provide important information on the correct handling of the Opening of schools and kindergartens. Previous assumptions consider that children can carry the Virus to be a Carrier.

The study should already have on Monday started. More detailed procedures on Thursday, 14. May 2020, published when the University hospital is presenting the study.

Sources: “Hamburger Abendblatt” / NDR

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