Negligence or even greed in Ischgl? Minister contradicts and pulling further wrath

From Ischgl through half of Europe. Many of the clues have worn in the media (including “T-Online”) in the past few days together, speak a clear language: The ski resort in the Austrian Alps was not, therefore, one of the Central hubs for the spread of the Coronavirus on our continent – apparently because the authorities took appropriate warning signals from other countries seriously, knowingly or unknowingly.

The Coronavirus is spread on a Bar?

About days of the Tyrolean provincial government held at the beginning of the month that it is “unlikely” that Sars-CoV-2 from Ischgl has spread, although there were Infected in other countries, dozens of which had made holiday and also an employee of a well-attended Après-Ski Bar had tested positive. The winter sports and party business of delivery in spite of the warning signs for days unclouded more (read here the star of the whole story). The Austrian daily newspaper “der Standard” wrote of the “greed and failure” in the Tyrol. In other comments, bewilderment was, possibly, too careless handling of the Virus in Ischgl wide.

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In a remarkable Interview in the Austrian radio (ORF) took the health councillor (comparable with a country, Minister of health in Germany; d. Red.) of the Tyrol, Bernhard Tilg, to the allegations of the Verschleppens and Verharmlosens position and the previous line of communication remained faithful: “The authorities have done everything right,” answered the politician of the Austrian people’s party (ÖVP) first of all, a question of the journalist Armin Wolf to the conduct of the competent Authorities. Then again, Tilg repeated this answer in many different ways – as a Wolf, said to him, for a detailed history of possible failures.

Armin Wolf describes the possible failure in Ischgl

“In Iceland we had to, which (according to the 5. March; d. Red.) from Ischgl, came home, immediately for 14 days in home quarantine. (…) In the Tyrol itself, there was no action at all. On 7. In March of this bartender has been tested in Ischgl, in the first case, positive. (…) A day later, it was from the environment of the bartender 15 positive cases. But it was only the day after then, on the last Tuesday, the Bar was locked and it was only last Wednesday, the ski season at Ischgl been declared to be closed, but only from Saturday. In truth, you would have to ask days in advance, all residents and tourists in Ischgl under quarantine, as nine days in advance in Iceland, all who have come back from Ischgl,” said the Wolf, and continued: “On the Eighth of the country’s medical Director, explains: ‘A Transmission of the Coronavirus to the guests of the Bar is from a medical point of view, unlikely.’ We all need to today, by law, a Meter of distance from each other, these Bars pick (stick; d. Red.) the people are quasi-consecutive. How came you to the idea that you could get?”

The response of the Tyrolean health landesrats, even after several Hold the charge of a careless handling of the Virus in Ischgl: “The approach of the authority was the right one.” Why, despite all the evidence, the ski lifts in Ischgl, ran until last weekend, whether you may even Profit went to health, wanted Wolf of Tilg know. The replied: “The Overall approach was the right one.” The powerful tourism and mountain Railways lobby, do not have prevailed. This went on for almost 13 minutes of back-and-forth.

In Austria, the crisis communication and error management culture of the health landesrats triggered sometimes almost of horror. “This Interview is very revealing and makes afraid, because one gets the impression, as Tilg was the seriousness of the situation are not aware of,” writes, for example, “The Standard”. And: “If more people like him on the Levers, to guide us through this Corona-crisis, then Good night.” Also in the social networks, it rained criticism of Tilg.

The Tyrolean Opposition demanded the immediate resignation or dismissal of the ÖVP-politician. “He must be dismissed with immediate effect,” demanded the head of the social Democrats of the Federal state of Georg Dornauer, according to the “Tiroler Tageszeitung”. He announced, therefore, a parliamentary investigation of the events for the time after the Coronavirus crisis.

Tyrol, the ÖVP Governor Günther Plattner (equivalent of the German Prime Minister; d. Red.), rejected, however, the criticism of the actions of the Tyrolean authorities. “You have done all that was humanly possible in the respective Situation, so that we can dominate the action,” he said at a press conference, but he also promised, decisions to scrutinize. “We don’t have to do with a phenomenon that we know how the Whole everything affects. Not only are we in the Tyrol, but also worldwide. We are learning every day.”

Sources: “T-Online”, “The Standard” (1), ORF, der Standard (2), “Tiroler Tageszeitung”, the news Agency DPA

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