Too much Bubble Tea: a Teenager has more than 100 tapioca pearls in the belly

A Teenager in China for their love to Bubble Tea out to be disastrous. The 14-Year-old complained of stomach pain and constipation. When the doctor made an x-ray image, was a big Surprise: The digestive tract of the child was filled with countless small beads.

More than 100 tapioca pearls and, according to estimates, have been stuck in the stomach and intestines of the girl firmly. How the British “Daily Mail” reported, the girl appeared in the company of their parents in the Zhuji People’s Hospital in the East of the country, since it was reported five days of no bowel movement. The belly of the girl is said to have been filled, therefore, impact.

After the cause has been on the x-ray image is visible, it should have the doctor admitted a few days previously Bubble Tea to drink. But the doctor didn’t believe that. Rather, he suspected, that had accumulated the indigestible balls over a longer period of time. The doctor prescribed the Teenager to take a laxative and you are warned, continue to drink too much of it.

Zhuji People’s Hospital, later told The Paper that in addition to tapioca starch (the main ingredient for bubble tea…

What Bubble Tea is?

Bubble Tea originally comes from Taiwan and is especially prevalent in the Asian countries. It contains peanut large starch globules of gum-like consistency, which together absorbed with the drink through a thick straw. These are usually made of taste-neutral, tapioca, a substance that is made from the cassava root. The colourful mixture in the beaker is made of tea and syrup, and is often mixed with yogurt or milk.

In 2012, there was also in Germany a huge Hype. However, experts warned early before the Trend-drink. Stiftung Warentest took the tea at that time under the microscope and found: in addition to sugar and preservatives, the tested Bubble Teas contain synthetic so-called azo dyes such as tartrazine-Yellow (E 102), Allura red (E 129). In the Test, the permissible values were not exceeded, but the substances are generally suspected, in children, hyperactivity and attention deficits trigger.

Also, the Association of child and youth doctors warned of the drink, as it can be for small children dangerous. They could choke easily on the beads. “Get the beads through the trachea into the lungs, they can lead to pneumonia, or even lung collapse,” said Association President Wolfram Hartmann.

Sources: Daily Mail, Stiftung Warentest, the professional Association of child and youth doctors e. V.