To many diabetics neglect their feet

A new study shows that only about one in five patients with diabetic foot-related nourishes fixes his feet as it is recommended. The foot care for these patients is especially important, to avoid infections, ulcers and diseases of the nerves as possible.

A survey of 1,030 patients with diabetic foot ulcers, in which blood vessels and nerves of the feet tracks are damaged by the high blood sugar, showed that only 20.8 percent of the patients in Turkey used their feet properly. At 49.6 percent, the pedicure was as "mittelmäßig" and 29.5% of patients a bad pedicure were classified. The scientists report in the journal "Primary Care Diabetes".

The author of the study Fatma Ylmaz Karadag and colleagues from the Department of infectious diseases and clinical Microbiology at the University of Istanbul indicate that foot care is an effective tool to reduce the risk of neuropathy, foot ulcers and infections. The researchers recommend that Doctors offer to their patients with Diabetes information about proper foot care and feet should be checked regularly.

Patients can also contribute a lot:

  • Clean your feet daily for three to five minutes with lukewarm water. They inspect your feet and pay attention to pressure points, blisters, redness or tearing.
  • The drier your feet are, the more likely it is that they should be creaming you. Suitable emulsions or care foams, urea (Urea) contains.
  • Do not cut scissors your nails with tips nail but file you just. Horn skin and calluses are removed with a pumice stone, not with a horn rasp skin. Better still, a regular foot care a chiropodist (Podiatrist) is.
  • Shoes should be wide and high, with a flat heel, a little flexible soles and soft uppers. When buying Shoes make sure that nothing disturbs and presses. Best stockings with a high percentage of cotton, without seams, which are changed daily are.