Finished dishes will tempt you to eat

That Fast Food and ready meals are unhealthy is no news. A new study now shows, however, that people often resort to such a highly processed food, taking too many calories and within two weeks to weight gain.

Chips, Ready-Pizza and sugary beverages are one of the "ultra-prozessierten" Food and contain a lot of sugar or fat. A study compared the effects of a diet and less processed foods: they found that study took participants an average of 500 calories more per day, mainly from fat and carbohydrates, if you ate highly processed foods. This led to an increase in weight of almost a kilogram in two weeks.

The participants tested both diets, each for two weeks, indicated that both tasted them equally well, without noticing, however, that in the case of the highly processed foods every day, about 500 calories more shots. Most of the excess calories were consumed at Breakfast and lunch. As possible explanations for this, the researchers call for faster food, in the case of the saturation mechanisms of the body to late, and a lower content of fiber in finished products.

In the study, 20 adults from the age of about 30 years took part. They were numbered randomly to either a diet with ultra-process, or unprocessed foods associated with it, they received three meals plus snacks in between meals. The participants were allowed to eat as much as they wanted. After two weeks, the groups for the other diet exchanged way.