Standing Desks fighting Obesity help?

In many offices, a height-adjustable office have kept the tables collection, which enable you to Work Sitting or Standing. To protect workers from damage to health by prolonged Sitting. Meanwhile, there are contradictory opinions about its effectiveness.

According to the Motto "Sitting is the new Rauchen" to promote the Work in the health. In order to investigate the effects of height-adjustable office furniture, researchers at the University spotted in Pittsburgh data from 53 studies and came to the conclusion that the Work in only has a minimal impact on work performance, Psyche, and body posture. Height-adjustable desks give their users more comfort, and brought her effectively to sit less and stand more. These desks are also a good measure against a too high body weight and obesity, could not be confirmed after the analysis of the studies, however.

"The use of Standing desks has health benefits, such as a small decrease in blood pressure or pain relief in the lower back, but the people do not burn to enough calories to abzunehmen", Professor Dr. April Chambers said. To achieve with height-adjustable desks positive results, a better understanding of their proper use is necessary. "Many employees get Standing desks and use this without instructions. However, the correct usage is different from Person to Person, and if we collect more research results, we will be in a better position to advice on the optimal use of geben", Chambers is sure.

Because the benefits in cardiovascular disease and muscle disorders, it is conceivable that workers benefit tables in the middle or higher age of height-adjustable Desk. "There is more about standing Desks to lernen", Chambers sums it up.