She wanted her Butt to enlarge: mother dies after SURGERY

A Brazilian woman died shortly after a Po-OP. The 28-Year-old wanted in a cheap clinic in your butt zoom. Even though her cousin died in a similar intervention almost.

A big, round Butt is in Brazil as an absolute ideal of beauty, to the many especially young women to aspire to. The desire for a plump rump was a three-fold mother, fate. In the beauty clinic, Mia Aesthetics in the U.S. city of Miami, the young Brazilian woman underwent a "Brazilian Butt Lifting" – a procedure in which Doctors fat from other parts of the body in the butt to make. The equivalent of 3,200 euros to the cost of the intervention by the 28-Year-old.

Mother died in the hospital

Shortly after the OP of the Po to the delivery of blue, like the British "Sun" reported. The Brazilian should have been delivered immediately to the hospital, where she died a short time later.

The 28-Year-old opted for SURGERY, even though her cousin died Jennifer P. in a similar Operation almost. P. said the "Sun": “If you’re going to a beauty clinic, they tell you exactly what can be the consequences."

A spokesman for the hospital has already announced transparency and cooperation with investigators.