How dangerous is a lightning-pregnancy to after birth?

Double children’s happiness in the home Sahin-Radlinger: actress Sila Sahin (33) and the football goalkeeper Samuel Sahin-Radlinger (26) are expecting their second child – six and a half months after the birth of their’s Elijah.

As the former “Good times, bad times”actress “Gala” reported, is in the fifth month of pregnancy. “I’m not surprised that my baby belly left at all,” she says in an Interview with the magazine. “So I went to see a doctor. During the ultrasound examination, he suddenly laughed and said: ‘congratulations!’. I thought who wants to be kidding me.”

The second pregnancy was apparently not planned – her husband also reacted to the Baby News surprised. “He couldn’t believe it,” says the 33-Year-old. The Couple is looking forward to the new addition to the family. “This child is a gift from God for us.”

Also, many Fans are surprised about the flash-pregnancy and ask: What risks can occur if a woman is shortly after birth, getting pregnant again? The star has in Christian Albring, President of the professional Association of gynaecologists in touch. Albring also works as a dejected let the female doctor in Hanover.

Mr Albring, it is recommended from a medical point of view, to be so soon after a pregnancy, pregnant again? What are the potential risks for mother and child?

For the mother, no risks. If a new pregnancy comes less than six months after the birth of a child increases the statistical risk for a premature birth. One or the other woman might be overwhelmed with the rapid succession coming second pregnancy physically, but this is individually very different. The load decreases significantly as soon as the children can play together and the mother is different than that of a single child – not the only game – and contact person.

The myth that breastfeeding women can’t be pregnant right?

If a mother is breastfeeding, hormones are released that inhibit sticks to the tyres of new ova in the eggs. This doesn’t work often, but not always, and especially if the woman is breastfeeding fully, but partially or completely zufüttert. But also freedom from Stress, and weight all play a role. Therefore, we recommend couples to prevent while breastfeeding.

What is the best method of contraception for new mothers?

As long as the week the river has not yet stopped, you should have Sex only with condoms to take place in order to infections of the uterus, and only then, if the woman is willing. Since the Estrogens from the pill excreted in breast milk, can only be the so-called mini-pill, a pure progestogen-only pill, or the spiral. However, the spiral may be used only if the involution of the uterus is complete.

What is the ideal interval between two births?

In the case of physically and mentally healthy mothers and easily over the course of the newborn time is nothing to be said against a gap of a year between the two births. In the case of an increased preterm birth risk, e.g., in the presence of cervical weakness, or after a caesarean section, is the ideal distance for at least 18 months.