A Bottle of This $8 Blemish Solution Sells Every 8 Seconds

If there was ever a universally healing ingredient, tea tree oil might be it. It detoxes our hair, eliminates foot odor, keeps cold and flu symptoms at bay, and treats a myriad of skin concerns—including effectively helping to get rid of acne. The Internet loves tea tree oil, but it especially loves this tea tree oil.

One .33-oz. bottle of The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil ($8; amazon.com) is sold every eight seconds globally. In the time it took you to reach this part of the article, a bottle of the all-purpose essential oil has been sold. Once you get to the related content at the bottom, many more will have followed suit.

This tea tree oil blend by The Body Shop has taken off in a big way due to the high quality of the essential oil inside. The British brand is committed to using fair trade ingredients, and this particular product sources its tea tree oil from The Kenya Organic Oil Farmers’ Association.

Tea tree oil is often recommended by dermatologists as a powerful acne fighter. “It is a great natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent that can minimize the bacteria that causes acne,” Kanchanapoomi Levin, MD, founder of Entiere Dermatology and clinical instructor at NYU Langone, told Health in a previous interview.

For use on skin, she recommends diluting tea tree oil rather than mixing it directly yourself. Luckily, The Body Shop’s tea tree oil has been specially formulated for use on facial skin. A 15% concentration of tea tree oil is blended with a carrier oil—castor oil—plus other stabilizers and beneficial essential oils.

This gentle mix is highly effective at targeting breakouts, excess oil, and even pesky blackheads. Over 150 five-star reviews on Amazon can attest to that.

“This stuff works for me,” raves one reviewer. “If it’s the same day, the spot will either reduce in redness or at least not get worse. If it’s overnight, it’s almost completely fine in the morning. For some reason I think sleeping with it overnight helps the most. For $10, it’s a lifesaver.”

To buy: $8, amazon.com

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