Medicines for heartburn conducive to gastro-intestinal infections

Proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole or pantoprazole to help with stomach problems and heartburn. But you obviously increase the risk for gastro-intestinal infections significantly. Therefore, you should occupy you in the long term only if it is really necessary.

Proton pump inhibitors are drugs against gastric acidity, some available without a prescription and for short-term relief for heartburn be used. Many people take such drugs, but over long periods of time, which increases according to a study from France, the probability of a gastro-intestinal infection by 80 percent.

Mina Tadrous, a scientist at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, said: "Very few people need long-term proton pump inhibitors, but many take them permanently. Now, we note that the drugs are as safe as we thought." Among the known risks of interactions with other medications, digestive disorders and an increased risk of bone fractures, for example. Now infections add to this the gastrointestinal.

Magensäure köcould have virus in check

The scientists assume that the stomach’s acid a role in keeping viruses at Bay. "If the acid is reduced in the stomach, also alters the intestinal flora and makes them more susceptible to Infektionen", Tadrous said. He recommends to reconsider the taking and the drugs do not sell if they are absolutely necessary. Sometimes a change in Diet help about heartburn.

A long-term therapy, for example, need people who take anti-inflammatory drugs, diseases of the esophagus, stomach ulcers or severe reflux disease.

For the study, the researchers compared 233.000 people regularly proton pump inhibitors have been prescribed, with nearly 627.000 adults, not revenue these drugs.