Mobile phone, x-ray, Wi-Fi: German estimate risk due to radiation is wrong

Mobile phone, nuclear power, or Radon that Many Germans do not know what are the main sources of radiation in everyday life and what could be dangerous for you. This is the result of a representative survey conducted by the Federal office for radiation protection (BfS).

Almost three out of four respondents (73.9 per cent) indicated, therefore, that you are disturbing the subject of radioactive radiation from nuclear power stations “very” or “rather”. More than half (51.4 per cent) Worries about radiation from mobile phone masts, almost as many (51 percent), on mobile phones and Tablets.

By contrast, just 23 percent are concerned about Radon in the environment – although it is the largest source for the average annual radiation exposure, and after Smoking the second leading cause of lung cancer.

Under exposure to Radon estimated

Radon originates in the soil and can enter from there into interior spaces. It is not to see, to smell or to taste. Approximately five percent of all deaths from lung cancer in Germany can be attributed to the BfS, according to Radon, a threshold value, below which the Gas is harmless, is not known. Citizens, the authority recommends that air as a counter-measure regularly and leaks in the basement and ground floor to seal it.

“The study shows that the risks of nuclear power is overestimated in the population and the risk of, for example, Radon can be underestimated,” said the President of the radiation protection office, Inge Paulini, the dpa. When digitizing a gap klaffe: “on the one Hand there are the self-evident dealing with new technologies, and on the other hand, a perceived threat by the associated radiation exposure.”

Only slightly more than half of the respondents (56.9%) knew that they were exposed to than the average users of mobile phone radiation is stronger than the masts.

Afraid of cell phone radiation

One in two (49.2 percent) believe that cell phone radiation can damage the genetic material – “falsely,” as the Federal Agency emphasized. Almost as many (48.7 percent) do not feel by state agencies prior to mobile radio systems “at all” and “rather not” well-protected.

Generally speaking, more than 35 percent said it’ll make you Worry that you “are everywhere surrounded by radiation,” nearly every third person believes that the radiation exposure was too high. Nearly 70 percent are of the view that the radiation exposure in Germany had increased in the last few years or something.

UV-radiation by sunlight 56 percent of Germans feel that according to the survey, as the disturbing theme about the radiation of high-voltage lines, 38.5 per cent were worried.

As you can from mobile phone radiation protect

  • Reception, keep in mind: mobile phones adjust their transmit power to the conditions of the place. The weaker the cellular network, the sparks stronger the device. Those who want to protect themselves, to avoid so phone calls due to poor reception, such as it occurs in the train, in cars without an external antenna, or defective-served areas.
  • Phone away from the ear: The intensity of electromagnetic fields decreases with distance quickly. Already a few inches make, according to the experts a huge difference. Therefore, the Call is recommended with a Headset. A further Alternative to the Smartphone at the head of the is talking free.
  • SAR value before buying a mobile phone, check: SAR stands for Specific absorption rate and refers to the amount of energy released by the sending cell phone by the adjacent body tissue can be recorded. The valid maximum SAR value of two watts per kilogram. For every cell phone model is the manufacturer to determine the SAR value with a standardized Test. A list with the test values, the BfS published continuously on the net.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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