Multiple sclerosis treat as early as possible

According to a new Australian study, a number of major therapies for Multiple sclerosis long-term positive effects. Thus, the progression of the disease is inhibited, however, it is important that early treatment is started.

Especially during the first five years after the onset of the disease several therapies for Multiple sclerosis (MS) are effective and to delay the progression of the disease. As a result, the quality of life of those Affected is improved in a sustainable way.

Professor Tomas Kalincik, Director of the MS Service at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, points out how important it is not to wait in multiple sclerosis for a long time with the treatment: "People who have moved from a relapsing to secondary progressive MS experience a progressive and usually irreversible deterioration of their disabilities. Most of the therapies that we use for the treatment of MS, have no effects, if the patients are transferred to a secondary progressive MS. This study shows us how important it is to treat MS early and proactively."

A patient, who had been suffering for twenty years with MS, was then referred by your doctor immediately to a specialist. It describes that you can live well with the disease: "Although I have some symptoms and in the hospital my daughter was – especially after the birth – I can work, maintain friendships and live a normal life."

For the current study, which was published in the journal Jama, have evaluated the scientists ‘ data of 1555 patients from 68 neurological clinics.