German heart report: heart disease – mortality rates, however,

New report on Germany’s cause of death number 1

In the German heart report on current Trends and twists and turns to the topic of heart disease will be documented. Continue to heart to stay-the cycle of death diseases the number one cause of in Germany. About 37 percent of all deaths in this country is on cardiovascular diseases. According to the report, fewer people will die today from heart disease than from a few year, the number of diseases is increasing continuously.

The German society for cardiology – Heart and circulatory research (DGK) recently presented the current German heart report. According to the DGK diseases of the heart such as congestive heart failure, heart valve disease, and arrhythmia increased in recent years. Improved treatment options have led to a decline in the death rate. The trend is not turning due to the ageing population expected in the next few years.

Heart Disease-Overview

According to the report, in particular, heart valves increased diseases. Here, an increase of 5.8 per cent was recorded. The number of heart rhythm disorders rose by three per cent and Heart failure by 3.7 percent. “These are also the diseases with increasing age, more frequently,” explains DGK-President Professor Dr. Hugo A. Katus in a press release to the new heart report.

Better treatments lead to more chronic diseases

“The increase in life expectancy, which is due in vast part to the improved treatment options for heart patients, so that more and more patients need to be treated with chronic heart disease,” says heart specialist. As an example, the Professor of the heart is called valve disease. The heart valves are charged to the whole of life, although it is increasingly deposits, and calcifications. The longer people live, the more the function of the valve is impaired. In the end, only the heart to help valves, Katus.

Great strides in heart failure treatment

In spite of increasing cases of disease and the DGK have seen specialists, had great success in the treatment of heart weakness. According to the heart report, the mortality rate of heart failure patients was reduced by about 11 percent. “We have achieved significant progress in the treatment options both medication as well as in the interventional and technological area,” says Professor Katus. On the other, have improved the awareness in the medical Profession, to provide for suitable and modern therapeutic options available, such as, for example, the so-called “Heart Failure Unit”.

Fewer heart attacks – but the same death rate

The DGK reported that a total of the events that are due to circulatory disorders of the heart, so the heart attack by 2.2 percent. The probability of dying of a heart attack, however, remained unchanged in recent years. “We need to develop new alternative therapeutic approaches, the mortality rate in heart attack reduced even further”, emphasizes the expert.

More heart diseases in the new Federal States

The report also found that the number of heart disease in the States of Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Thuringia, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are relatively higher. This is due to the fact that in these provinces the proportion of over-65-year-old man is higher than the average. (vb)