Heat wave in 2018, led to more than a thousand dead

The hot temperatures of last summer have led to the estimate of experts in Berlin and Hesse to more than a thousand deaths. “In the summer of 2018, approximately 490 people died in Berlin due to the action of heat,” write the experts of the Robert Koch Institute in a report released Thursday. In Hessen, the number of heat-related deaths-estimated at about 740, and also. Overall, the 12 deaths were cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Data for other States are not yet available. Increased Rates were particularly in people over the age of 75 years. As risk groups in addition, living in isolation, care for the needy, severely obese, the chronically ill or people with dementia, as well as small children and infants called.

Dizziness and fainting

In the summer of 2018 in Germany was the second hottest since the start of weather records in 1881. Only in the century summer 2003 the average temperature was 19.5 degrees Celsius during the months of June, July and August even higher. At the time it came through the extreme heat across Europe many Thousands of deaths.

French researchers, published in 2007 a comprehensive study to estimate the total number of heat deaths in the summer of 2003 in Western Europe at around 70,000. In Germany alone, around 7000 people had come through the effects of the high temperatures killed.

The body reacts in extreme heat with different measures, the basic to maintain a temperature of 37.5 degrees. The blood vessels dilate to allow heat better make, reducing blood pressure falls. This can result in people with a weak circulation dizziness and fainting. Also sweating is a burden on the body, it was fluid, electrolytes and minerals costs, especially salt.

Recommendations for hot temperatures

The RKI advises to air at high outdoor temperatures in the Morning or in the night, to cool interior spaces. Especially people from the risk groups, should pay attention to a sufficient supply of fluid, airy and in front of the sun, wear protective clothing and, where appropriate, an adjustment to the medication.

The Federal Institute for occupational safety and health (Baua) is not recommended in addition to drink too much at once, but more often smaller quantities. Is thus a suitable drinking – or mineral water, tea or diluted fruit juices, to replace the sweat lost electrolytes and minerals. Very cold drinks should be avoided. You will cause the body to produce more heat.