Blueberries lower blood pressure

200 grams of blueberries per day the function of blood, can improve blood vessels and lower blood pressure. A short time after the consumption effects are detectable, which persist for several hours, British researchers report.

Two hours after the consumption of blueberry beverages showed study participants a positive impact on the function of the blood vessels. After a month this stopped even overnight. Also, the blood pressure decreased within a month to 5 mmHg. Beverages containing only berries for the dyes of the blue, also led to improvements in the vascular function. In the case of the control drink without the berries, but with similar amounts of vitamins or fiber, did not show such effects.

"If the changes of the blood vessel function, according to the daily consumption of blue a life of berries held long, this could senken&quot the risk for cardiovascular disease by up to 20 percent;, Dr. Ana Rodriguez-Mateos, from the Department of nutritional Sciences of the King&lsquo says;s College in London.

The researchers gave healthy volunteers a month, a day, a drink with 200 grams of blueberries, while participants in a control group were given a different drink. Effects to prove on the health, examined blood and urine samples, blood pressure and blood flow in the artery of the upper arm, which allows the determination of cardiovascular diseases.

In a further study, the researchers compared the drink made from blue berries with two control drinks without the berries, but similar amounts of fiber, minerals or vitamins contained. Either of the control beverage were added, the dyes of the berries.