Your teen girl’s room guide: High-energy with a cosy vibe

“In today’s world where teenage girls could be gamers and teenage boys could be beauty influencers: room decor for teens carries no definite distinctions,” says designer Anuradha Aggarwal.

By Shilpi Madan

If your warrior princess is growing up fast into her teens, it is time to swish up her room. Make the space an extension of her own personality and have fun while both of you do it up together.

Visual grooves

Recommends Priyanka Mehra, principal architect at PS Design, “Your girl’s room needs to be a self-contained, mini apartment where she can spend all her time. This makes versatility of every inclusion essential. Create a cosy seating along the window, a reading corner with a light above, or throw a few large cushions and a rug on the floor.” Adds Anuradha Aggarwal, Creative Director, Olives Cre, “Big bean bags make for comfortable seaters and create a gaming area. Remember, a messy, confused lifestyle is teen prerequisite as kids are still figuring out things for themselves. Accept that this grubbiness will be reflected in her room, keeping furniture minimal for greater moving space. Multi-purpose furniture helps you to create a lounge section, or an area for PlayStation/gaming or even a study section.”

Colour zone

“Use subtle base bright colours and pastels around accessories and soft furnishing in the room. Avoid bold or even metallic colours as teenagers get bored with striking options more often,” suggests Anuradha. “Most teens identify with a vibrant and high-energy room (oranges, blues, yellows and pinks): a bright coloured wall or eye-popper furniture piece, a custom-printed wallpaper, a decal, handpainted graffiti or favourite words in a neon sign is something she might love. For a music lover, paint notes on a wall as accents, or a big decal of a car for a racing enthusiast. A self-wallpaper with a gallery wall works great as she can change whatever she wants at her convenience,” adds Priyanka.

Light up

“Teenagers are often prone to bumping into things with sharp edges,” explains Anuradha, “and that is why you must avoid heavy light fittings, gigantic lamps. Bring in the natural light through French windows as sill-seats create cosy coffee-corners. An origami light or geometric light fixture adds that spot of funk.”

Says Priyanka, “Light up the study area well, with ambient lighting in the remaining space. Something as simple as a bunch of string lights hung behind the bed work wonders for a girl’s room.”

Patterns and prints

Rev up the visual movement through a clever mix of design. Remarks Priyanka, “A mix of prints and patterns works best with plenty of cushions she can keep rotating as per her mood. Girls usually identify more with curtains as opposed to boys.” Anuradha suggests painting the walls with animal print, in light pastel colours, for that spot of panache. “But avoid any striking colours as teenagers desire change since they outgrow that phase in no time,” she adds.

Feature wall

Make the wall a canvas of expression for your teen, evocative of her hobbies and pursuits. Says Anuradha, “Colourful graffiti can light up the walls with a zing. Keep in mind that a teenager in love with fuchsia floral wallpaper today, might as well want a dark denim wallpaper tomorrow. But there should be one corner that truly reflects who your daughter really is: it could be a gallery wall or a quirky placement of a football or any hobby element for that matter. A good shelving unit to store her books and accessories can also work as a superb pop feature.”

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