Your bowel program to slim! Two spices fat cells can melt Video

The positive effect of ginger and turmeric on the digestive already knew the traditional healers of Asia. Today, Western medicine has discovered the spices and their potential as a slimming aid.

In the kitchen, and in the traditional medicine of India and East Asia, ginger plays an important role. It looks similar to turmeric, the food intense colors and flavors.

The two spices have anti-inflammatory effects. For gut health, and lose weight that is significant. The Doctor Michaela Axt-Gadermann explains in her book, “Lean with the gut”, that the body tilt in inflammation to the fatty tissue build up. On the other hand, Obesity, inflammation promotes."Slim with Darm" by Michaela Axt-Gadermann here at Amazon to order 

Turmeric and ginger: anti-inflammatory effect

The ingredients of turmeric is to block the formation of inflammatory substances. In animal experiments it has been shown that turmeric inflammation of the bowel could prevent. At the same time, the animals decreased, because the active ingredient Curcumin fat let cells to melt. Very similar to ginger acts: Certain ingredients prevent the formation of inflammatory substances. In addition, ginger stimulates the metabolism.

The Physician recommends for the perfect gut-diet, every day, to take a ginger piece of about one centimeter – brewed as a tea or to Flavor food.