With this Exercise you can get rid of your nightmares is quite simple – Video

The teeth fall out, the test goes wrong or the body is suddenly paralyzed – in a dream we perceive situations as real, which makes the Horror all the worse. The good news is that the Bad dreams can be due to a simple Trick to avoid.

You will be ripped more often from sleep, because you will plunge into the depth? So you are not alone. To have the feeling of falling in a dream is according to a survey of the "Pharmacies Umschau" the most common nightmare of the Germans. Everyone is familiar with but also individual horror experiences in sleep, bathed in sweat Wake up.

For those who have more to fight with bad Dreams, there is a simple, scientifically proven Exercise. The Imagery Rehearsal Therapy has been developed by the American sleep researcher Barry Krakow in the nineties. In this dream therapy of the Affected by writes to his nightmare, aware of, in order to prevent this return.

And so funktioniert's

You put yourself back in your nightmare. This is very unpleasant, but the confrontation is important. You can write down, for example, step-by-step, what you have left of it is still in memory. Then think of an alternative ending for your dream, the call is either neutral or positive emotions in you.