What you need to eat to keep your brain fit – Video

Anyone who eats a lot of vegetables and fruits, can lower the risk for cancer and cardiovascular diseases, explains the German nutrition society. Certain varieties also keep our brain fit, shows a study from Boston.

A healthy diet keeps not only the body but also the mind fit. This was confirmed by a study from the United States. A Team from the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed data from a large-scale survey, which took place from 1986 to 2002.

Nearly 28,000 men had filled in several times during this period a questionnaire to your diet. Years later, the researchers compared the data with the mental state of the participants.

A lot of fruits and vegetables in brain performance, improve

It showed that a high consumption of fruit and vegetables with a better thinking ability and memory performance. Concretely, this meant that men who took daily three cups of fruits and six cups of vegetables, had a 34 percent lower risk for poor brain performance compared with the subjects who ate two cups of vegetables and half a Cup of fruit.

Also orange juice has a positive effect on our thinking ability

Specifically tomato, lettuce, sprouts, peppers, melons and strawberries had a clearly positive effect on the brain. It was surprising for the researchers that orange juice showed a positive effect. Who daily drank, had a 47 percent lower risk for poor brain performance compared with those who consumed less than once a month in orange juice. May the carotenoids in the orange protect the juice of the brain.

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The effect of vegetables and orange juice showed, by the way, regardless of how sporty the subjects were, whether they smoked a lot, drank alcohol or were overweight were. The researchers considered these factors, the positive effect of the fruit, however, is somewhat weaker.